Today on the Color Wow blog we're answering your top questions about Dream Coat, our award-winning, frizz-fighting, humidity-proofing, glossifying spray. It’s the single most game changing product in haircare at the moment in my opinion. On the instructions it says that it lasts 3-4 shampoos. Have you ever tried any Color Wow products? With over fifty major beauty awards, Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray has amassed hundreds, if not thousands of rave reviews, so it certainly has a reputation to live up to. 2.8 15 reviews. The Beauty Spyglass uses cookies to improve your experience. Mirror-like shine was the expectation and as at least 50 per cent of my hair is my own natural colour, I was hoping to see plenty of shine. Color Wow Dream coat is available in various sizes, so I’d recommend trying a smaller size initially, just to see how you find it as results will vary. And why is it loved by so many? *Before I continue, I just want to make it clear that Color Wow is a US brand hence the spelling of the word “Color”. I certainly won’t be saturating my hair with it again but I’ll use it sparingly as a mist for the reasons I mentioned above. Image use: All content and imagery are the property of The Beauty Spyglass. Regular styling products can be used after … Shop Now. 2) Sheathes every strand in a light, imperceptible “raincoat” that repels moisture. Applied to towel dried after hair shampooing and conditioning, it is heat activated when you blow dry. Applied to towel dried after hair shampooing and conditioning, it is heat activated when you blow dry. Humidity-proofing will last up to 72 hours or 2 to 3 shampoos. Color Wow Dreamcoat is a humidity sealant. That’s another rather large claim to aspire to, isn’t it? *Before I continue, I just want to make it clear that Color Wow is a US brand hence the spelling of the word “Color”. Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray managed to convince me that at-home styling products are stepping up their game. package quality. It’s also a useful detangler on wet hair. Spray liberally and evenly on hair, section by section, and then blow-dry. We've got you covered so you can take your Dream Coat frizz-free, glossy results to the next level. With every new product we try, we’ll need to find our own way of loving it and incorporating it into our routine. Generally, my hair is quite soft and swishy so that’s not a concern for me. I have used it again after three shampoos. Created with Sketch. Colorsilk Permanent Hair Color 738 reviews. I found when I use my curling wand following application there’s definitely a difference there too. However, on first use, I was left nonplussed and with continued use I found myself liking it less and less. Color Wow Dreamcoat is a humidity sealant. Color Wow Dream Coat. “Before and After # Dreamcoat a texture transforming lightweight spray to defy humidity. I have used it again after … You gotta try it! I am UK-based but decided to leave the US spelling rather than alter the brand name. Vitamin C Hair Color Remover 57 reviews. So, what exactly is this cult hair product? I’ve blow-dried it, as usual, used my Babyliss Big Hairbrush, curled, and straightened it covering all bases in terms of styling. 3.4 /5. I’m in love with the ease of use, combined with the noticeable before and after … You just spray … “The key to fighting frizz is all about controlling moisture levels and locking the cuticle down as tight and smooth as possible”. Dream Coats humidity proofing formula is heat activated. It’s recommended to saturate the hair fully with Dream Coat, sectioning the hair and spraying liberally to make sure every strand is coated. When heated with your blow-dryer, these droplets connect and crosslink, forming an invisible, hydrophobic matrix that does two things: 1) Compresses each strand into a sleek, silky, supple shape What do you think of Dream Coat? Write Review. US-based Color Wow as a brand is a machine, a beauty industry leader with its very own laboratory and an army of renowned, “top salon” experts keeping Color Wow at the top its game. Dream Coat is a multi-tasker, serving not only as a hair glosser, purporting mirror-like shine, but also a humidity blocker, heat protectant and an all-around frizz fighter. On the first application, the product is applied on damp hair and shouldn’t be used with other styling products. Color Wow. If you’re travelling, don’t forget to cover the nozzle with its little protective cap to prevent any leaks. They recommend using their Color Wow Cocktail leave-in supplement if needed before the Dream Coat product. More reviews, photos and discussions for Color Wow. price range. What a difference it makes. If you struggle to fight the frizz when the weather turns, Dream Coat blocks humidity like a 5th Dan Karate sensei and works well as a heat protectant too. Copyright The Beauty Spyglass 2020 All rights reserved. From how to use Dream Coat to get rid of frizzy hair to what styling products you can use Dream Coat with. Most Viewed Hair Color Products. My hair seems to resist the curl and won’t hold which is really disappointing for such a hyped up product. If you would like to use any of the images (with credit link), please email with your request detail. Casting Creme Gloss 167 reviews. I am UK-based but decided to leave the US spelling rather than alter the brand name. 33% would repurchase. We'll assume you're ok with this. On the instructions it says that it lasts 3-4 shampoos. If like me, you like to steer clear of products which contain silicones, don’t be put off. Reapply after 2 to 3 shampoos.If desired, Color Wow Cocktail can be applied before Dream Coat … However, the last few times I used Dream Coat my hair definitely started to feel quite lank. After shampooing and conditioning, apply Dream Coat to damp, towel-dried hair. How to use WOW Dream Coat . If desired, a Color Wow Cocktail leave-in supplement can be used before Dream Coat; Divide hair in sections, and then … Unlike typical serum or oil-based humidity-fighting formulas that lay down a heavy coat on the hair’s surface, (which deflate volume and leave the hair greasy). I was eager to try it for the first time and followed the recommended application method. Dream Coat contains water-soluble silicones which won’t build up in the hair.

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