My tasks includes creating SEO content for their website and managing their social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook). If you find that passion, you will have a large number of opportunities for doing business in digital life. Research should be your social media strategy’s foundation. We are doing a competition to Facebook for the summer and I got a chance to teach how to use Facebook’s ad planner to make targeted ads. All rights reserved. social media, blogs, videos) takes time and consistency. 3. So, can researchers benefit from social media as well? I’m currently doing a project for Sixt Finland (car rental company). For product localization, I will be doing translation and adaptation of the app for different countries and areas, which requires language skills and knowledge of regional characteristics. I think the most important tools were those free ones, which help to analyze effectiveness of websites (like and or social media accounts (like So, if you find the subject interesting and feel like you could be the next Social Media and Digital marketing professional, go for it! Start testing about how social media strategies are done with your current social media accounts or start a blog writing from some subject that interests you the most, and there you can implement what you learn directly and test different things. However, it also requires a lot of work, and you often have to be present almost 24/7. My favorite parts of the course were video and images (YouTube and Instagram marketing), as both of them are playing very important role. Social Media Marketing tips. Not only can you spread your message online, but also use media sites  as an instrument in your own research. This research became successful as a result of it being an engaging study among Facebook friends and family users. I did the course task social media plan for my employer where I included a bit of competitor analysis, and they enjoyed that information and considered it valuable. 2. I think overall it is a very interesting and fun subject to study. However, the best way to get familiar with what we do is to download our app and join the network. 3. The next step would be to create short biographies for your pages. It takes marketers up to 3 months or more of constant online interaction in order to see results in their social media sites. Your social media profiles provide … I think that everything in this course was extremely important and relevant, and these were the few “aha” experience I had: 1. 2. We all need to ask, do we want to be part of the future or the past? First analyzing all the channels, then making suggestions to do social media marketing better. Working for a social media app and using other platforms for marketing purposes implies being online all the time, doing lots of research and learning new issues, concepts and trends about social media and digital marketing on a daily basis. Social media has changed the way we interact with data and other people. You do not need to have any special talent or information to get started studying social media and digital marketing. Social media advantage, 6 LinkedIn Content Marketing Tips You Need To Incorporate In Business, If You Happen To Accumulate Debts in Your Small Business, Here Are 5 Ways Out, 7 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Embrace Social Media Marketing, 7 Tips For Surviving as a Profitable Entrepreneur. Four Marketing Students Share Their Experiences. The twitter account above is a good example of keeping your bio short yet informative. It has been great to see a lot of young and talented marketing student who are quickly learning the strategies and implementing them in their work. I did my final assignment and social media plan for the company I used as an example and they were very pleased to see my effort. social media, blogs, videos) takes time and consistency. The twitter account above is a good example of keeping your bio short yet informative. It is vital to learn more about your leaders in your field as you continue to seek employment or extend your studies. Once a tweet goes viral it has the ability to be noticed by media outlets and shared online. These are the online courses I currently provide at Haaga-Helia University in Helsinki: – Social Media in Modern Business – Digital Marketing in Modern Business – Paid Social Media Advertising in Modern Business. I also got direction for further self-studying and research about new social media marketing trends, which has been very useful. 1. Right after completing the course of Social Media in Modern Business marketing in March, I joined a startup company called EnvyMe OY. We are doing a competition with Facebook for the summer, and I got a chance to teach how to use Facebook’s ad planner to improve the targeting of Facebook ads. This means that my current occupation could not be more connected with social media than it is right now. I got more familiar with the biggest and most significant social media platforms from a professional angle. I love digital marketing because it’s so visual. It was just a coincidence for me that I found the course in the right time. Translational Engineering Skills Program (TESP), Research Experience For Teachers & Students, Virtual Incubator Announces Awardees for Remote Care Innovations, Young Scholars Present Their Research at Virtual Research Symposium, NCSU launches virtual incubator to discover ‘game-changing’ COVID-19 solutions, Researchers incorporate computer vision, uncertainty into AI for robotic prosthetics. He has also provided training to thousands of students and businesses through online e-learning courses. This is the key to success in modern social media marketing. In my opinion, Social Media and Digital Marketing is a very important part of marketing communication in today’s business life. If you feel natural with social media and if you realize its role in modern world, you should definitely learn more and focus on them, as what you see as an average personal social media user is just the tip of the iceberg compared to what you learn by using social media for professional purposes.

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