Aside from Deming’s article, MacPherson realized, there was very little out there: The few user forums were rife with nonsense, heavy on anecdote, and light on fact. Everybody who has tinnitus complains at first of environmental noise. I love mysteries. MacPherson’s Deming box is six feet by three feet by two feet, and made of black low-carbon steel. However, by yawning or by tightening the tensor tympani muscle inside my ear, I can induce a loud, low-frequency rumble. When Wolfgang Pauli first proposed the existence of neutrino particles in 1930, he almost immediately regretted it, referring to them as a “desperate remedy” to explain anomalous readings of radioactive decay. While there were isolated instances of hearing within the low frequency range identified by hearers, these tests revealed no consistent background noise which could account for the hum. Dunning, B. When things got bad, it felt to Taylor like the bed—and the whole house—was vibrating. The research team first made contact with ten professed “hearers” and made efforts to understand the experiential nature of the Taos Hum. The Windsor Hum was investigated by the Canadian government and ultimately traced to factories on Zug Island, across the Detroit River in Michigan. The experience described by Steinborn and Taylor, and many others, is what’s come to be known as “the Hum,” a mysterious auditory phenomenon that, by some estimates, 2 percent of the population can hear. It may well be the echo of undetected seismic activity. “Thank you,” another commenter wrote, “for the inspiring initiative which may eventually bring back a life to many wandering spirits.”, But having finally completed the box, MacPherson suddenly stopped. Deming proposed a simple experiment to test this hypothesis: Three boxes, each large enough to hold a human, one that blocked sound, one that blocked low-frequency waves and other types of electromagnetic radiation, and a control box that blocked neither. These candidates have the same evidenciary problems as HAARP and their only real support comes from the crowd that promotes the pseudoscience of modern electromagnetic fields as health hazards. Begun in the early 1960s, TACAMO is a network of aircraft that carry very low frequency (VLF) antennae to communicate with nuclear submarines. “Hearers” of the “Hum” have been known to move halfway around the world to get away from it – something that travel can’t do to help tinnitus. Some are probably experiencing an auditory hallucination. If the Hum can be recorded by audio equipment, that proves that it's an actual audio phenomenon. It's not hard to think that some people may have this condition chronically, and since this is the exact sound described by Hum sufferers, it's virtually certain that some variation on this condition is the explanation for some of them. Further confusing matters is the fact that some reports of the Hum have been definitively traced to specific sources and corrected. “I don’t think he was crazy,” he said. One wonders if this is because of people like Kohlhase, who Deming sees as the main problem standing in the way of understanding the Hum and other scientific anomalies. Like Taylor, she began searching for the sound; leaving town helped her get away from it, but it was waiting when she returned. He believes that most—if not all—mass shootings of the past few decades can be traced to natural gas pipelines emitting low-frequency radiation. In 2009, the first episode of the reality show Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura offered a theory of the Hum possibly stemming from a government mind-control device, and in a 1998 X-Files episode the Hum (or something very much like it) caused spontaneous head explosions. “According to the August 23, 1993 “Taos Hum Investigation: Informal Report”, most hearers initially experienced the hum with an “abrupt beginning, as if some device were switched on.” Many of the hearers believed there was a connection between the hum, the military installations in and around New Mexico, and the Department of Defense or that the hum was somehow caused by the U. S. Navy’s ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) stations in Northern Michigan. It looked claustrophobic, a pure black interior not long enough for an adult to lie in comfortably. “People tell me where they are and what they hear and I put a dot on a map,” he said. Hum research has had, thus far, to rely heavily on anecdotal reports and personal stories. These were then printed, using archival inkjet printer, onto handmade Japanese, Deming believed that the Hum wasn’t an acoustic sound, but possibly a low-frequency vibration that some people interpret as sound. So he has to move it. The Hum, which is constant but only under certain circumstances (indoors, rural areas, etc. “As it turns out,” MacPherson told me, standing next to his steel monolith, “this unit, despite its very mundane and sepulchral appearance, has not been tested. It was everywhere. No single cause has ever been found. Built by Hot Source Creative Ltd. "Can You Hear the Hum?" “And then I ran out of ideas, and so I did what many people ultimately do: I cut the power to the house—and it got louder.”. They put a couple of compressor stations behind us, and after they installed those, probably seven months later, I started sensing a low-frequency disturbing noise when I was in bed—the typical thing: One person hears it and the rest of the family doesn’t.” He wasn’t alone in hearing the noise, he said. The mysterious Taos Hum is an elusive sound heard by residents of Taos, New mexico. And during the 2000s, under Bush and all that—and I’m a Republican by the way—they decided they were going to start expanding. 1 Nov. 1994, Volume 96, Issue 5: 3334-3334. Some are probably suffering from a problem with tinnitus or the tensor tympani muscle. “What is it with this cliff-hanger shit?”. Two key organizations were also involved namely the Phillips Air Force Laboratory and the Los Alamos National Laboratory (those fine people that brought you the Atom Bomb). We’d talked about going out to one of the places where MacPherson has heard the Hum the loudest, but instead he took me to his high school. , or TACAMO. His goal was to take it on the road, bringing it down the Pacific Coast to meet up with other Hum sufferers and test it., Human Auditory Perception of Pulsed Radiofrequency Energy, High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, find the source of the Kokomo Hum and suggest solutions. When, about the Hum in 1994, Jonathan Hazell, head of research at the U.K.’s Royal National Institute for Deaf People, responded, “Rubbish. No thanks Hums have been reported in the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Canada, and are sometimes named according to the locality where the problem has been particularly publicized, such as the "Taos Hum" in New Mexico and the "Windsor Hum" in Ontario. Bioelectromagnetics. Is the Hum, a mysterious noise heard around the world, science or mass delusion? By the end of the nineteenth century we’d begun a war on the noise we had created, particularly in the United States, where it quickly became a question of personal liberty and privacy. It’s not just the physical sound waves that matter; it’s also what your brain does with that information. “So you’ll need some kind of oxygen source,” I asked, feeling a bit queasy at the thought of spending time locked in there. A retired psychiatric nurse, Taylor lives in Roslin, Scotland, a small village seven miles outside of Edinburgh. Web. Nobody has entered this yet, and I’m going to be the first person.”, When I asked him why he hasn’t gone in yet, MacPherson gave me a range of answers. New York set up “Zones of Quiet” around hospitals and schools, and established the Society for the Suppression of Unnecessary Noise, which pushed through a 1907 act prohibiting the needless use of steam whistles in maritime traffic—the first noise-abatement legislation passed by Congress. 1n 1997 Congress did direct a dozen or more scientists and researchers from some of the most recognized institutions in the country to investigate. The air in Gibsons is lucid and still; you can hear the call of birds echoing across that pure stillness. Vasudevan and Colin G. Gordon, who investigated claims of the Hum in 1977, established that it was “very probably” a real phenomenon and not an auditory hallucination, Hum sufferers have been consistently written off as either delusional or simply suffering from tinnitus. It's also gotten stuck a few times when I've had a cold or blown my nose too hard, and when it goes by itself, it tickles and is really annoying, and I end up with this rumble in my head for a while. “I expect at some point I’ll have this taken away from me by a big university lab,” he said. “No need,” MacPherson answered. A number of people have made synthesized versions of the Hum with the cooperation of sufferers, sort of like an audible police sketch of a suspect.

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