422. Sort by. by pazy. Natsu also appears in Project X Zone 2 as a playable solo unit. [44][45] On the other hand, UGO's Doug Trueman cited Charade as a character that "[added] something spectacular to the Soul Calibur pantheon. [81] While much of his backstory is unknown, the official site states that he was separated from his mother when he was still a child, and he had to endure hardships in his life before he was eventually taken by the leader of Schwarzwind, Siegfried, who raised him as a warrior. Alternative character versions of Sophitia. Zasalamel (ザサラメール, Zasaramēru) hails from an ancient tribe that was tasked with the protection of the holy sword Soul Calibur by Algol. Sane once more, he came under the tutelage of Edge Master, and joined forces with Maxi and Xianghua (unknowingly Xianglian's sister) to destroy Soul Edge and purge the evil within himself. Humor. He eventually arrived at Ostrheinsburg and encountered his idol Hwang, again warning Yun-seong about the sword's evil nature, though it did not stop him and went about his quest anyway, parting his ways with Hwang. Top Ten Hidden Characters In Fighting Games, "Soulcailbur: Broken Desinity Almost Came to Consoles", "Pyrrha Alexandra Voice - Soulcalibur V (Video Game)", "Super excited to announce that I got to voice Groh in #SOULCALIBURVI ! In Soulcalibur V he functions as a mimic of any male character. He is likely the biological father of Xianghua's daughter, Leixia. Edge Master makes his first and only appearance in Soul Calibur. [42] The sentiment was shared by Deeko's review of Soulcalibur II, who said that Charade felt like a new character that used "old character moves and tactics". She wields two kodachi and harbors the demon Arahabaki (荒吐鬼) inside her, who was sealed by Taki after his previous container was killed. Its iconic characters have fought now through six installments of the game in search of the powerful Soul Edge sword, either to harness its power or to destroy it and prevent it from bringing chaos into the world. Azwel also infects Grøh with Soul Edge, defects from the Aval Organization, manipulates Raphael into searching for Soul Edge, and assaults Amy to discover her future self as Viola. Taken in by a group of lizardmen like himself, he realized he lost his soul to Soul Edge, and sought to reclaim it. The design was then built to revolve around it, starting with gender, then physical measurements, and lastly background details. Charades appear in the game Namco × Capcom as enemy characters, mimicking Sophitia's fighting style from Soulcalibur II. In battle modes, custom characters are choosable from that lotus-looking button at the centre of the select screen. Kilik (キリク, Kiriku) as an infant was left on the steps of a temple in China. It is heavily implied by the official artbook that Raphael has become the new vessel of Nightmare after his destruction; this is further supported by the fact that Nightmare uses Raphael's body model in the Create-A-Soul mode as well as them sharing the same voice actor in Japanese as of Soulcalibur V, therefore making Raphael the identity of "Graf Dumas". Taking in the only survivor of the event, Kilik, he taught him to suppress the evil within himself and sent him to destroy Soul Edge, before departing on a quest of his own. He was trained in the art of staff-fighting and inherited one of the temple's treasure Kali-Yuga. When he reached adulthood only one of his fights had ended in a draw, so to test himself he hunted down God of War Ares's messenger, a great snow owl, and decapitated it as proof of his victory. After completion of most of the game, they decided to implement her as a full character as a result of liking her design. Xiba (シバ, Shiba) is described as an honest young man who came from the Zhen Hang Mountain.

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