The 8:00 PM Late Night Sonic Happy Hour grants half off on all shakes at Sonic Drive-In after 8:00 PM. Golden Corral Breakfast Hours | What is on Golden Corral Breakfast Menu? Option 2: Classic Sweet Cream Soda: Flavored syrups, soda and cream. See Also: The Sonic Secret Menu Will Change Your Life. How Much Does a Dog Broken Nail Vet Cost? Please follow along via social media and figure out the next thing that you want to buy at the best price. Sonic Happy Hour happens every day of the week from 2-4pm. How To Get The Cheapest Car Insurance Possible. We are sure you’ve seen their commercials, but just in case they offer half off drinks and snacks between 2-4pm and after 8pm. Today you can enjoy the Sonic Menu and deals even more with the Sonic Happy hours. Find breakfast menus, secret menus, catering menus, gluten-free menus, and happy hour specials. The most popular drink is a bit hard to narrow down, since there is literally thousands of combinations of drink flavors, so I’ll just share my favorite. It is one of the amazing fast-food chains which is very popular and easy to afford because of its daily offers. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. If so move to the Sonic happy hour, which will provide daily deals on your favorite sonic menu with the best value. Happy Hour Sonic: Are you planning a treat for your family or friends? If, you can download the Sonic App. Your secret is safe with us! When Happy Hour is Most Crowded. Now that’s a sweet deal. Inhale half-priced drinks and wolf down 99 cent corn dogs between 2pm-4pm. To improve customer service Sonic provides rewards and offers on Sonic App. Sign up for Sonic Text Alerts: take it one step further and sign up for sonic text messages to take advantage of even more deals. The Sonic Happy Hour is a fast and cheap way to attack those afternoon hunger pains. If you haven’t attended a Sonic Happy Hour yet, you haven’t lived! I was actually a carhop at Sonic in high school – those were the good ol’ days. Sonic does not offer specific deals for Wednesday. Inhale half-priced drinks and wolf down 99 cent corn dogs between 2pm-4pm. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Prices | Working Hours, What’s on the Breakfast Baconator? Learn how your comment data is processed. Sonic is having a great surprise happy hour deals during the summer. And it offers types of food that goes far beyond the standard burger fare, especially when it comes to their Coneys and sides. Unfortunately, this does not include Milk Shakes or Creamslushes. All Rights Reserved. Please be aware that Sonic is a franchise so opening hours may differ across the country. As sonic happy hour provides the best deal of the day and the prices are very cheap. Nowadays their guiding principle is customer involvement and choice. Order Now. You’ll have to pay extra for any add-ins. But I digress. This offer does not include Mini size, Combos, Ice Cream Slushes, Wacky Pack Kids Meals and other offers. Thank you! Sonic Happy Hour Menu. Double shot of espresso and 100% Real Ice Cream. If so move to the Sonic happy hour, which will provide daily deals on your favorite sonic menu with the best value.You can seize a cheap bite of the yummy favorite of yours from Sonic happy Hour menu with half price. Your email address will not be published. Sonic has that amazing crushed ice that people love so much that they buy it by the bag. Use of restaurant logos and company trademarks on are provided to aid a restaurant's potential customer in identifying the respective restaurant. Sonic also pride themselves on giving customers informed choice. On happy hour at sonic, you have to pay only half the price for drinks and slushes. It's a Sonic Drive-in and it totally met all of my expectations. Sonic Happy Hour deals like half off and $0.99 specials! There is nothing better, to me, than a Cherry Limeade. My favorite shake is the Hot Fudge Shake, but I’m more classic when it comes to that. Prices 2020, How Much Does a Manicure or Pedicure Cost? When stopping by Sonic for Happy Hour these drinks provide the most bang for your buck: Bonus: Through 8/27/17, Sonic Drive-In has a late night “happy hour” where you can get milkshakes and ice cream slushes for 50% off after 8:00 PM. Watch Queue Queue Prices and selections offered may vary by location. All Rights Reserved. And oh my goodness, try their cheddar peppers and ranch dip if you haven’t already. The Sonic Happy Hour Menu includes half-price on all drinks and one dollar corn dogs. Ah, the nostalgia. Sonic Opening Hours: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM. © Copyright 2000 - 2020. Half price fountain drinks and slushes, including the new Soda Pop Shoppe Drinks. Sonic serves half price drinks, slushes and shakes during its designated Happy Hours. Grab snacks at Sonic during Sonic Happy Hour at just $0.99. Mozzarella Sticks, Corn Dogs, Onion Rings or tots at just $ 99 Cents. She is so dang awesome. If Sonic is not your thing, check out the Taco Bell Happy Hour or Arby’s Happy Hour. Sonic Happy Hour. Make sure to also check out the delicious secret, Sonic Secret Menu for delicious Sonic Secret Menu items. [2020 Prices], How Much Does it Cost to Promote or Boost a Post on…. Yes Sonic have come a long way from early 50’s root beer – brand name ‘Top Hat’ – roadside stands to one of America’s favorite drive-in purveyors of burgers at terrific menu prices. Shane McNally is a journalist from St. Paul, Minnesota who specializes in interpreting financial concepts into layperson language. You can get a FREE medium slushie or drink by downloading this app, you can use this app offer within 30 days. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Yes, even weekends! Sonic Opening Hours: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM. You don’t see that too often in the fast food industry. 1/2 PRICE DRINKS DURING HAPPY HOUR Every day from 2–4PM View Our Drinks Espresso Shakes. Illegible beverages includes Soft Drinks, Iced Teas, regular Lemonades and Limeades, Frozen Lemonades, Limeades, Ocean Water and Famous, Real Fruit and Candy Slushes. Menu prices and items shown on may vary by location. Enjoy Sonic’s Happy Hour. Sonic Happy Hour Deals . No! Thomas Game Docs Recommended for … You can this app in play store where you can get coupons and ½ price Slushes, Drinks and hot dogs every day. How Much Does an Entire New Wardrobe Cost for Women? No! 0:31. You see, my wife is a kindergarten teacher and there’s a Sonic Drive-In exactly halfway between her school and our home. The aim is to empower every individual customer to make the meal choice that best meets their specific dietary requirements. DOWNLOAD THE APP ... Sonic uses cookies to improve our site and provide content and ads that might interest you. So at least once a week she brings home happy hour drinks from Sonic for all of us. Along with their great daily specials, happy hour offers special savings on specific items. You’ll have to pay extra for any add-ins. Sonic does not offer specific deals for Thursday. Sonic Happy Hour Info & Tips (What Drinks are the Best Value), The Sonic Secret Menu Will Change Your Life. Sonic Happy Hour happens every day of the week from 2-4pm. Sonic is one of those places that has something for everyone. This video is unavailable. The Strange Origin of Chain Chomps - Duration: 14:35. Sonic Double Happy Hour TV Commercial - Duration: 0:31. Dave Hoffmann 549 views. Wednesday Happy Hour Deals. Now download the Sonic App for free and start to enjoy tasty drinks with rewards and offers. Option 1: Old-fashioned sweet cream sodas mixed with carbonated water and flavored syrups and topped with sweet cream. Check the Sonic Deals Page: sometimes there are new deals, so stay up-to-date on their official deals page. Install the Sonic App: you will get a free drink after installing the app on your phone, and as we mentioned earlier, enjoy a happy hour pricing anytime. Between 2:00 PM – 4:00 pm you can buy drinks, Teas and Slushes with a 50% discount. That’s right, you can pick up a corn dog and a real fruit slush for only $2.50, which will provide the perfect pick me up to get you through to dinner. All prices, items and descriptions detailed on in image and text format are subject to change at the restaurant's discretion, and should only be used as estimates. Sonic does not offer specific deals for Friday. Happy Hour is most crowded on the weekends, since people are off from work and can visit Sonic during both of its Happy Hours. Sonic happy hour is a big hit in our home. Sonic Happy Hour gives you an awesome fast food drive-in experience, with most of Sonic Happy Hour menu offering the same delicious foods and drinks for less.

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