Solar reflectivity or reflectance is the ability of a material to reflect solar energy from its surface back into the atmosphere. They add that “urban-induced climate change depends on specific geographic factors that must be assessed when choosing optimal approaches, as opposed to one-size-fits-all solutions.”[22], A series of Advanced Energy Design Guides were developed in cooperation with ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers), AIA (The American Institute of Architects), IESNA (Illuminating Engineering Society of North America), USGBC (United States Green Building Council) and US DOE (United States Department of Energy) in 2011. 3. ", "Table E1A. 3 0 obj Reducing the extremes of temperature change will reduce the incidence of damage to membrane systems. For buildings located in warm climates, this measure is worth consideration.”[24][25], The Copper Development Association has conducted several studies, beginning in 2002, which examined the elevated temperatures of wiring inside conduits at and above various color roof materials. [50], Under the LEED 2009 version, to receive Sustainable Sites Credit 7.2 Heat Island Effect-Roof, at least 75% of the surface of a roof must use materials having a solar reflective index (SRI) of at least 78. [20], In 2014, a team of researchers, led by Matei Georgescu, an assistant professor in Arizona State University's School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning and a senior sustainability scientist in the Global Institute of Sustainability, explored the relative effectiveness of some of the most common adaptation technologies aimed at reducing warming from urban expansion. Please remember the Energy Savings that can be achieved with reflective roofing is highly dependent on facility design, insulation used, climatic conditions, building location, and building envelope efficiency."[48]. Instruments measured weather conditions on the roof, temperatures inside the building and throughout the roof layers, and air conditioning and total building power consumption. High SRI roofs act as a radiant barrier, providing a thermos-bottle effect. "The deployment of cool roofs results in a 2 to 4 millimeter per day reduction in rainfall, a considerable amount (nearly 50 percent) that will have implications for water availability, reduced stream flow and negative consequences for ecosystems. [47] Warranties for reflective roof products must be equal in all material respects to warranties offered for comparable non-reflective roof products, either by a given company or relative to industry standards. Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) refers to the method of measuring a surface coating’s reflective capability. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 2003 Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey, heating accounts for 36% of commercial buildings' annual energy consumption, while air conditioning only accounts for 8% in United States. [33] High surface roughness can also contribute to the low solar reflectances of asphalt shingles, as these shingles are made of many small approximately spherical granules which have a high surface roughness. Green Globe uses performance benchmark criteria to evaluate a building's likely energy consumption, comparing the building design against data generated by the EPA's Target Finder, which reflects real building performance. It may be useful in construction materials to keep roofs and walls cool. If SRI value is critical, the actual value should be measured on a job site mock-up made with materials and methods consistent with the project specification. [14], A 2012 study by researchers at Concordia University included variables similar to those used in the Stanford study (e.g., cloud responses) and estimated that worldwide deployment of cool roofs and pavements in cities would generate a global cooling effect equivalent to offsetting up to 150 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide emissions – enough to take every car in the world off the road for 50 years. It is relatively easy to specify a cool roof and predict energy savings, but some thinking ahead can prevent other headaches. [1] Reflective surfaces are a form of geoengineering. Without considering any tax benefits or other utility charges, annual energy expenditures were reduced by $7,200 or $0.07/square foot. In tropical Australia, zinc-galvanized (silvery) sheeting (usually corrugated) do not reflect heat as well as the truly "cool" color of white, especially as metallic surfaces fail to emit infrared back to the sky. h�b```f``*d`a`�}� ̀ �@1V �0�g�ز@6�%���A0�i��C�7o�00H:����w�G*���K�Չ�SD.��IL�� ������P̶����%I��洊� � finishing. This criterion can also be met by installing a vegetated roof for at least 50% of the roof area, or installing a high albedo and vegetated roof in combination that meets this formula: (Area of Roof meeting Minimum SRI Roof/0.75) + (Area of vegetated roof/0.5) ≥ Total Roof Area. In Climate Zones 4 and above, Cool Roofs are not a recommended Design Strategy. (The gases in the atmosphere that most strongly absorb these long wavelengths have been termed "greenhouse gases"). In July 2010, the United States Department of Energy announced a series of initiatives to more broadly implement cool roof technologies on DOE facilities and buildings across the country. Today's cool roof pigments allow metal roofing products to be EnergyStar rated in dark colors, even black. Compared to the EPDM membrane, the TPO roof had 30% higher heating losses and the vegetative roof had 23% higher losses.[44]. [60] A 2011 Columbia University study of roofs coated through the program found that white roofs showed an average temperature reduction of 43 degrees Fahrenheit when compared to black roofs.[61]. The most well-known type of reflective surface is the "cool roof". A value of 0 indicates that the surface absorbs all solar radiation, and a value of 1 (or 100%) represents total reflectivity. The reflectivity and emissivity ratings for over 500 reflective coatings can be found in the Cool Roofs Rating Council. In Canada, the version for existing buildings is owned and operated by BOMA Canada under the brand name 'Go Green' (Visez vert). endstream endobj 836 0 obj <>stream An asphalt roof only reflects between 6 and 26% of solar radiation. “Cool roofs must be considered in the context of your surroundings. White thermoplastic membrane roofs (PVC and TPO), are inherently reflective, achieving some of the highest reflectance and emittance measurements of which roofing materials are capable. 847 0 obj <>stream The only practical material which approaches this level is stainless steel with an SRI of 112. High temperatures and large variations, seasonally or daily, at the roofing level are detrimental to the longevity of roof membranes. If all urban, flat roofs in warm climates were whitened, the resulting 10% increase in global reflectivity would offset the warming effect of 24 gigatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, or equivalent to taking 300 million cars off the road for 20 years. The highest SRI rating, and the coolest roofs, are stainless steel roofs, which are just several degrees above ambient under medium wind conditions. �LL)p����O �� roof structure, fire rated barriers, insulation, adhesives, fasteners, etc.). The solar reflectance index (SRI) is a measure of the constructed surface’s ability to reflect solar heat, as shown by a small temperature rise.

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