Go down the stairs and around to the right, ahead you’ll see the kitten under a bench. By doing this you should make it with around ten seconds to spare. Interact with the door despite it being seemingly closed. 18 ahead. Once you have done this, follow the path to the sign indicating the Langhuishan road (picture16). At 5 PM Ryo’s shift will end. You forgot the secret ending. Thankfully Fuku-san will rescue Ryo and bring him back to the residence, ordering you to rest for what is left of the day. You do have to actually do the work in order to trigger moments that will progress the story and give you new information. Do so and we’ll be finally ready to get the Phoenix Mirror (if you picked up the flashlight and mysterious key as highlighted near the beginning of the walkthrough). Now wait it out until 8 PM and end the day. Sadly, turkey isn't actually on the menu. Wait it out and rest up. bookmaker with a scar on his face. Zoom in and you’ll be able to purchase these. You will learn This area is a couple of hours in the game - so doesn't take too long - and means you can then exchange the tokens you win for prizes to then sell at a pawn shop. After that, wait until 10am for little Lin to leave her house (picture3). If the goon that constantly blocks attacks becomes annoying, I found a good method was to grab them () and then punch them () to the ground. Mashing any of , or will do for now, just watch out for the guy who headbutts, using to dodge. Go up to the entrance and you’ll be refused entry. Your first task is to interrogate the villagers about Yuan and his bandits. Dobuita is the main area of the game and understanding it doesn’t take too long. 1. Instead of catching up on Fuku-san in the dojo we will explore the house briefly and get some stuff out of the way. villagers about Yuan and the thugs. Use the to focus in the direction of the table until it zooms in, then flick across to a scroll. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. You can sparring, increasing attack power and improving techniques, as We now have everything we need to find the Phoenix Mirror. Once there you’ll see a motorbike to the right of the gacha machines. If you can, hold back 1,500 tokens for the future, meaning you can easily make money again in a future gambling trip by starting with the maximum bet amount from the get go. From here go slightly ahead, then take a left followed by a right and look at the warehouses on the left to find the Alpha Trading Office. Once this concludes some more cutscenes will play, furthering the story. On your first visit to the village, you learn more about the thugs terrorizing the inhabitants. downtime. Keep up the daily pattern until the afternoon shift, when as you’re transporting crates you’ll run into some Mad Angels goons again. Just don’t get greedy or he will quickly finish you off. Exit the house (automatically picking up your daily allowance) and then leave the residence via the double-doored gate straight ahead to get to Yamanose. At this stage, the day is pretty much over. exploring the time rewinding system. This will trigger at roughly 3 to 4PM as you haul crates at a steady rate (if it doesn’t trigger by the end of the afternoon shift, reload your latest save). This sequence isn’t as lenient as those before and one mistake will likely take you back to the beginning. You can search for Wang Wen and the Shiren after completing the interrogation of the villagers... Bookie with the facial scar. DO NOT progress the main story too far beyond securing travel or you’ll miss the achievement. Get as many as you can afford, and then take them to the first building on the right as you entered the market - the Pawn Shop - and sell them. After comprehensively questioning him you’ll have to leave the shop and head slightly down the street to the Tomato Convenience Store, waiting until 7PM. Wait for a bus to arrive and enter it for a ride that will cost ¥160. After talking to the tattoo artist, you’ll learn that Charlie may be there tomorrow. 1 to see two men in white hard hats having a conversation. While zoomed in on the phone, look further down the cabinet the phone is on and open the left slider to find a flashlight, pick it up. Before you leave, pass by the homeless man and you’ll learn the ‘Shadow Blade’ move off him. Never miss a thing. All Rights Reserved. Shenmue 3 money making: How to make money fast by winning and exchanging tokens How to make tokens - and in turn, money - early in the game with little effort. However, as this is an introduction to the process it would be advised to buy five from each machine here so you can make a start on the achievement (and hopefully prevent immediate duplicates). Press to recognise it and then you can return to the lady. Don’t overwrite this save as you can use it if you get caught in a loop during the next phase of the game, and to reload if for a missable achievement. Afterward ,you’ll be placed outside the house (go back in to collect your daily allowance if you wish), needing to be at the You Arcade at noon. He will direct you to the jacket shop.

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