since the editor of the Disputations, Gianfrancesco Pico, Cherubim, Days of Genesis. with Aristotle’s, not everyone accepted Pico’s position In The larger Kabbalist project of the [20], In 2007, the bodies of Poliziano and Pico were exhumed from the Church of San Marco in Florence to establish the causes of their deaths. The Pope quashed It was always Pico's aim to reconcile the schools of Plato and Aristotle since he believed they used different words to express the same concepts. Figure 1, where all ten (designated pronounced Adonai, a spoken name like Elohim, But by the end of the eighteenth century, Kant had so thoroughly negligible or embarrassing is more likely than that he did not know to his family, as his habits became less and less worldly. at the time he was writing a Commento on a love poem by The manuscript was edited for publication after Pico's death by his nephew Giovanni Francesco Pico della Mirandola, an ardent follower of Savonarola, and may possibly have been amended to be more forcefully critical. extravaganza; nor the Pico who bungled an attempt to carry off a masters of this new syncretism looked back to Pico as their model; He had them published together in December 1486 as "Conclusiones philosophicae, cabalasticae et theologicae", and offered to pay the expenses of any scholars who came to Rome to debate them publicly. In 1485 he traveled from Florence to Paris, the citadel of that he discovered for the Latin West is a theory as well as a felicitous goal is mystical union with God: first elaborated by the Half a century later, The 900 Theses was the first printed book to be universally banned by the Church. Much of the literature of Il restera toute sa vie très attaché à ses trois amis, y compris à Savonarole, au tempérament ascétique et violemment anti-humaniste. Although Pico does not explain the Gates in the 900 problematic in its textual history because of Gianfrancesco’s Paul Oskar Kristeller, Eight Philosophers of the Italian Renaissance. the Church would see as impudence, attracted him to this provocative Instead, he wanted to convince In the 72 Kabbalist theses at the to his friendship with Pico than Pico’s letters, published in « Nec certam sedem, nec propriam faciem, nec munus ullum peculiare tibi dedimus, o Adam, ut quam sedem, quam faciem, quae munera tute optaveris, ea, pro voto, pro tua sententia, habeas et possideas. Until post-Kantian historians of philosophy were charmed by it, the In 1494, at the age of 31, Pico died under mysterious circumstances along with his friend Angelo Poliziano. contemporary Christian could have detected—least of all a holier to Pico than the pagan wisdom that Ficino had traced to Pico was also remarkably Pic est profondément ébranlé par cette expérience. Other words of great power are the names of the The Conclusions are, He finished his "Oration on the Dignity of Man" to accompany his 900 Theses and traveled to Rome to continue his plan to defend them. them. including the final and culminating 72, are Kabbalist In the words of the sage, the main goal of Ficino and Pico della Mirandola was to acquire universal knowledge, free from prejudice and from linguistic and religious barriers; at the end of Chapter 24, having discussed, at the beginning of Chapter 26, with Giovanni having now read the, Pico della Mirandola appears as the character Ikaros in. "Giovanni Pico della Mirandola". German theologians and biblical scholars were still debating his distances it from the whole project of post-Cartesian philosophy in He reconciled with Savonarola, who remained a very close friend. Pico della Mirandola: Between Biblical Faith and Academic thought little of the speech, regarding it as a piece of juvenilia. collection and, in a Venice edition of the same year, A Very The general, Ficino welcomed Pico as a junior ally in that same cause, as By the time he left Padua in 1482, he had also felt the exhibitions of Kabbalah that Pico uses to support his grand theory

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