ATHLETIC CONFERENCE. San Antonio ISD (SAISD) Rules. MIDDLE SCHOOLS - MODIFIED RULES NFHS Soccer rules will apply unless modified by these league rules North East ISD (NEISD) Rules. If a tie occurs, first consideration is to head-to-head competition. 25 MINUTE HALVES - running clock 5 MINUTE HALF TIME TIES STAND Home team provides 3 game balls. games played. MIDDLE SCHOOL SOCCER. • The 7th grade will play first for the entire year. Skill Drill: Set up cones in diamond shape with one cone in the middle as shown below. 2. Many middle schools offer soccer programs for both boys and girls. all. 25 MINUTE HALVES 5 MINUTE HALF TIME GAME WILL NOT END IN TIE PENALTY KICK- 2 … Each team will play a total of 8 games. The sport spread to other parts of the world in the late 1800’s by British traders, sailors and soldiers who traveled the world. Each team provides 1 ball retriever. SOCCER BY-LAWS 2013 • All games consist of two 30-minute halves with a 5 minute half-time. rules for middle school soccer are similer to pro rules. SOUTHERN MAINE MIDDLE SCHOOL. Each player dribbles to center cone, performs specified move before reaching the cone, and returns to end of line. If a tie still remains, teams will be declared co-champions. There will be no overtime period. i am not sure about the rules on subsitutions, but as far as i know there are not any other differences Players line up behind outer cones in pairs or threes. During the tryout process, coaches conduct drills and scrimmages, enabling them to evaluate each player. You get more touches. Each half will be running time, however the clock will stop for all injuries. SHARKS A Unlike recreational leagues that assign youth players to a team, school teams usually hold tryouts so coaches can decide who makes the team. Middle School Rules. Games will consist of 25 minute halves with a 10 minute halftime. "Playing middle school soccer helps students learn how to better organize their time, which pays huge dividends in the long run," says Sam Pierron, director of special projects for Sporting KC, a professional soccer team. Current Members – Middle School Advisory Committee; 04/15/14 – Middle School Regulation-Repeating Students, Age; 07/1/13 – Update on Middle School Regulation; 04/23/13 – Changes Approved by KBE to Codify KHSAA Authority Over Middle School Athletics; 04/21/13 – Changes to KHSAA High School Rules Approved by KBE 1. Encourage 1. The modern day game of soccer with the rules and regulations as we know them today was established in 1863 by the London Football Association in England. 2013 Rules and Regulations . The championship will be decided on the won/lost percentage on . The clock will stop on all goals.

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