We offer competitive pay, bonuses and stock awards to eligible employees based on individual performance, as well as benefits to help you lead a healthy life, save for the future and enjoy your journey here at Microsoft. Microsoft total number of employees in 2019 was 144,000, a 9.92% increase from 2018. Public Sector, SharePoint and Unified Communications support. It is ensured that their workspace is not only equipped with the latest and the very best technology, but it is also equally comfortable and relaxed. A lounge space where employees can recharge and connect inside a Microsoft building in Israel. These are the types of spaces that will define the Microsoft headquarters modernization and will infuse other building and campus investments coming up in Ireland, India, Israel, Silicon Valley, Brazil, and elsewhere. Microsoft total number of employees in 2018 was 131,000, a 5.65% increase from 2017. Microsoft is committed to supporting our employees’ well-being and safety while they are at work and in their personal lives. Technology is part of us, and we are designing for humanity because technology is already part of humanity.”. The ambience is pleasant but also purposeful: research shows that employees who have more exposure at work to daylight and views of nature take fewer sick days and feel healthier. “We’re taking what we’ve already started—intelligent workspaces, sustainable systems—and moving it to the next level,” Ford said. 24*7 air-conditioned cafeteria – a great place to unwind during meal time and take a snack or coffee break. At Microsoft India GTSC, the best minds work with the best facilities and equipment to resolve highly critical technical issues. “To have a campus that reflects innovation, we prioritize that urban environment. The services areas, transportation flow, and footpaths were all conceived with one key mantra in mind: in an ideal urban space, Lee said, pedestrians should never have to compete with cars. Designers say that these are the transformations that will bridge where we are with where we’re going. 1. And inside buildings in Suzhou, China, where employees are focused on research and development, designers made collaboration easier with Scrum-friendly whiteboard wallpaper and shared spaces with movable walls and helped employees recharge with yoga rooms and nature-inspired, color-suffused translucent interiors. And Microsoft will continue to create connected outdoor meeting spaces so that employees can benefit from the positive impacts of nature on productivity and happiness. A varied number of facilities are provided to ensure they are able to have fun while at work. Focus and privacy can be found in a soundproof drop-in phone booth or upholstered alcove; inspiration (and, according to research, employee health) can soar in a light-filled atrium, cushy couches providing a welcome landing space for team touchdowns. In the last month, retail employees have virtually trained 65,000 people in government, health care, education and finance on using Microsoft Teams. Outside, the redesigned campus will have a global sensibility while reflecting its unique Pacific Northwest environment, where Microsoft has planted deep roots for more than 30 years. Belowground space will be easily convertible to other uses, such as labs for food growing and cloud server racks, which could send heat back into the food-growing program, creating circular economies. A lounge space where employees can recharge and connect inside a Microsoft building in Israel. Workspace where employees can create and connect in a Microsoft London building. There is ample opportunity for our personnel to have fun at work, learn, and stay fit, both mentally and physically. Iconic in their own way, the 1980s-era, X-shaped buildings were designed to offer employees plenty of natural light and nearly identical offices. Employee lodging discount: Demand for the program, called Customer Success Trainings, has surged among customers wanting to transform their remote work environments with the collaboration tool, including medical center Cleveland Clinic, accounting firm Ernst & Young … The Microsoft Sabbatical Policy: A modern workspace at Microsoft in Vancouver. The walk from the center of one side of campus to the center of the other will take about 7 minutes after the renovation, compared to up to 22 minutes today. An indoor badminton court for fitness freaks and sports enthusiasts. “Whenever we create new spaces, it creates amazing employee experiences,” said Rob Towne, director of real estate for Puget Sound. There are resources for their learning and development to stay fit and healthy. Impromptu conversations, encouraged by communal work “neighborhoods,” can lead to innovation; better productivity; and faster, more agile development. Microsoft reaches customers at sales offices, support centers and technology centers throughout the country. Comfortable, well-furnished and well-equipped conference rooms for conferences and business meetings. Part of what will transform the Microsoft Redmond campus is not what you will see, but what you won’t see: underground tunnels to funnel services, smart parking garages that direct drivers to where space is available, and tucked-away drop-off areas being designed with the automated vehicles of the near-future in mind. “We are building the kind of space we need for the future. The project team studied some of the world’s most-beloved public plazas, including Venice’s Piazza San Marco and Seattle’s University of Washington Red Square, to help inform the design of the plaza, which will be surrounded with native flora as well as food and service offerings for employees.

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