For bluegrass, the D28. It really didn't matter because as a poor college student at the time I sure couldn't afford to buy one! But, the 35's which I've played tended to sound a bit muddy in the low end at certain times, not always. 'Nuff said... (although I certainly could go on if you want to PM me...). That's just my opinion and, as you can see, I'm a fan of the 28 series having picked up a D-28 just last week. Then, out of innovation, they graced us with the Martin D-35. Taylor 914ce vs Taylor 814ce – Which is The Better Guitar? While some may prefer the tried and tested classic Martin D-28, we think that Martin D-18 is the better acoustic guitar. An Unofficial forum for those who love Martin instruments - Founded by Steve Stallings, You'll want to hear from folks who know these instruments better than I do -- but I was fortunate enough to play a D-35, an HD-28, and a standard D-28 in the same shop in Binghamton , NY last Christmas. It is good to play them all; knowing the bracing scheme allow understanding of the sound however. Its overall wood construction create a tone that is warm and resonant, which is perfect for every vocalist. A few months ago when the D-18P/D-28P were introduced, there was (and still is) speculation that the High Performance neck might be made available on other models. If you are to pick which Taylor guitars are sounds like a dream and are excellently made, the Taylor 814CE and 614CE are good... With different brands producing their very own workhorses, it's easy for a guitar player to be confused on which one to get. Kevin elaborated. It can't be done! Providing the music industry with only the finest guitar masterpieces, Martin Guitars have been setting a standard with dreadnought acoustic guitars. Giving us masterpieces like the D-28 and... A lot of people have confused and even interchanged Yamaha FS800 to Yamaha FG800as both acoustic guitars are made from the same materials. To help us get a better decision, here are some advantages of each guitar. Just like its older brother, the D-35 has elegance and simplicity every guitar owner looks for. One HD-28V I shouldn't have let get away. Its classic acoustic sound that’s well-balanced and oozing with clarity made it a crowd favorite. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our. Consisting a solid Sitka spruce top and rosewood body, the D-28 produces a deep sound with a lot of volume and clear projection, making it a top choice among bands and guitarists who play bluegrass. EIN 37-1912117. Overall, the D-35 has a look that would really capture your attention. When you add in scalloping and pushed forward braces on the HD models things change again. But most important: Try before you buy. Baby Taylor vs Little Martin – Which is The Better Guitar? Quick Answer This website uses cookies to improve your experience. You’ll hear the harmony clearly with clearer notes with the D-28, which is why it’s most preferred by bluegrass players. With the balance between the fingerboard and string action, the D-28 is made to be played. Your right when all is said and done its the ears that will make the decision and I need to try a HD 28 V before I hit the finish line . It still has a bracing with the thickness of ¼” from the 60s, but is now placed one inch from the sound-hole. well i can't speak to the d-35 but i recently got a d-28 precisely because the bass is so balanced. Play em both and let us know which one you end up with! Producing a well-balanced sound, the D-28 gives the classic acoustic every guitar owner loves. "Conventional wisdom" on the D-35 vs. D-28 comparison, when the D-35 was introduced in 1965, was that the lighter-braced D-35 was intended for finger-style players, since it made the top more responsive to a lighter touch. A: These two guitars are definitely very close siblings, and carry the same price. I didn't know anything about bracing patterns until I found this forum several years ago. leads. Topped with good harmonic response, the D-35 gives a more nuanced acoustic. Zither Wooden Guitar Stand - Handcrafted Solid Maple Wood Floor Stands Best for Acoustic, Electric... Martin D-45 (2018) Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar, Martin Svensson Home Avalon 63" TV Stand, W x 35" H, Catalina Blue, $50 Visa Gift Card (plus $4.95 Purchase Fee). Unless you are a pro, one can only wonder how it would feel like to play one of each guitar. Making a record is like building a ship in a bottle. D-28. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees by advertising and linking to

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