Back in September, I received a marketing letter from Handyman Club of America. Once you sign up for the service you have a choice from some low-level entry-level tools to review. Obviously, they do not value their customers enough to want to talk to them. I found this customer service number 1-888-501-5752 ,they told me that they sent out a notice that they stop printing the mgazine. I ave not received a mag... What a bunch of ****. I feel like many others…..this was nothing but a scam. It looks like the whole thing was a kind of pyramid scheme, those who got in early did alright, those that got in later had simply paid for what those that got in early had received. Even if you never wear it, instead use it to wash your car, I will still appreciate your effort, and you will have a clean car. The advertisement showed pictures of an array of tools featuring a very expensive looking generator. Their magazine, as most magazines these days have more pages dedicated to advertising than actual content, and the content that is provided is of low quality. I have been a member since 1996 and upgraded to Lifetime, then Master Handyman. So yippy, you now get to be deceived by someone else! The screw extractor came with a post card to review it. GetHuman-49129: This is a horrible way for a business to assist customers-I called the *** number and was told to go to contact.handyman club of America and no response-I would like someone to contact us regarding a bill we received for the **** Street Machine Calendar which we don't owe as we went to the post office and returned it back to Handyman Club the same day we received it. Are they still in business? I also did NOT get my money back. They probably have a website and might even be on facebook. Over the years, I joined in 1996, I received items well in excess of the dollar value I invested in the membership. Then my magazines stopped coming which I understand was a budgetary move because of the cost of printing went up (or so they claimed). Below is the response, but before I show that I would like to end with saying again, the Handyman Club was a great club at one point. Thank you for your email. I dove deeper into the deceptive business practices of the Handyman Club of America to see how this tool review really worked. As compensation for my time to test and review the tool, I would be allowed to keep the tools free of charge. They said it was a gift for signing up. GetHuman collects and distributes reviews, how-to-guides, tips, hacks and secret contact information for companies like Handyman Club of America, sourced by customers like you, to help us all get customer service better, faster and easier. It’s just a magazine, and probably pretty cheap. I became a life member in 2007. (Shows GetHuman-49129 a list of common Handyman Club of America problems). I guess I should not be surprised, as free tools sounded too good to be true. Is the tool testing program still available, and if so how do I access it? Handyman Club of America Life Member, #[protected] since 11/99. Instead of being a random lottery (members did not know what they would be testing until they received the item) it became a point system/bidding war (test a small item, and another, and another and get points for each review submission, then use your collected points to “purchase” a higher value product to review). Handyman Club of America has a consumer rating of 1.47 stars from 75 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. The first one was “how satisfied are you with this product”, and had the standard choices ranging from unsatisfied to very satisfied. You will learn a lot more from them than from Handy. My output was under $500 and I received at least $2000 worth of member gifts, tools and supplies from the club, sponsors and advertisers. A few weeks later, I received and email stating that they have received my request and processed it. I opened it up and in it was the 3-piece screw extractor and a how to do home repairs book. My name is Richard Svenson When I joined I lived at 2506 State Road 60 E Valrico, Fl. I write these blog posts out of love for the arts, a love for design, and a passion for making things. As by now I`m sure you have figured out that getting to review big-ticket items would be extremely time consuming and difficult. 33594. I filled it out and got an automated response saying someone will respond to you within 48 hours. The first thing that came in the mail was a welcome letter with instructions on how to set up my membership account and pay my membership fee. Have there been drastic changes since I moved to Master Member? Nowhere could I find any information on how many times I would be sent unsolicited products to buy or be responsible for sending back. Dear Member, I wrote back saying I should get the magazine for free as I was a Life Member, no response, just more offers to buy the magazine. Consider purchasing something like a T-shirt from my Little Store. It was just more deception. After that the tools got cheaper and finally they just stopped. Nah, “The Family Handyman” is put out by the same people as “Reader’s Digest”. I both circumstances, the members kept the products for free. Eventually I sent an email to Scout to inquire as to what was happening with the Handyman Club of America. Over the next several weeks I received 3 more similar vouchers but still no refund. Never going to recover the membership fee or the benefits therein, however, these rip off artists will not be able to scam anyone else in the future so, I just chalk it up as another poor decision in my past. Many things have occurred in my personal life that took me away from keeping up on things happening with the Handyman Club. After trying to check in to the site and forum, found out that things have apparently changed. I paid $***. I did find out, if you want to do further tool reviews past the 3-piece screw extractor, you have to sign up for a third party service. Each review you complete, you get points, and you can then use those points to buy more tools to review, to get more points. *Also, please discontinue my membership in Handyman Club of America and do not send me anything else. Jonathan Jacobino (SCOUT Member Services) Follow Me On Your Favorite Social Network: I just found this web site. They really just wanted your information to try to sell you additional products, which brings me to the unexpected book that came in the same package.

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