In order to differentiate themselves in the market and provide the best service for users, organizations need to rely on innovation to stay relevant and competitive. With over 100 years of combined transportation industry experience helps MMA professionals understand and address specific challenges within the industry. It is revolutionary and technological advancement also in terms to extremely low environmental emission levels . ... Impact : Spurred by these two ERP giants, cloud computing will usher in an era of increased competition and innovation. This offgrid solution could herald a revolution when it comes to public transport’s green credentials. Here are 10 innovations that will revolutionize transportation in the near future. Through HANA, the car becomes aware of a driver’s emotions and moods, and can support driving choices as well as suggest media do other infotainment options. Imperial College London, HOME – THE WORLD’S LARGEST INNOVATION PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION, INNOVATION CERTIFICATION PROGRAM OVERVIEW, The Innovation Mindset – Expert Interview #2, with Muhammad Chbib CEO Co-founder, The Innovation Mindset – Expert Interview #1, with Professor Ron Jonash Chairman of the Board Global Innovation Management Institute, HOME – THE WORLD’S LARGEST INNOVATION PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION /, INNOVATION CERTIFICATION PROGRAM OVERVIEW /. In the phase of Industrial Revolution at 19th century people used steam-powered railway locomotives, amphibious vehicles and bicycles. This fast growth indicates the need for this kind of concept. Today the world is getting ready for a new mode of transportation – the Hyperloop. Innovation in transportation technology nowadays also includes pedestrians, and Australian design studio Büro North has come up with an ingenious way to combat a rise in accidents involving foot traffic that has occurred since the spread of smartphones. These 10 transportation technologies of the future will shrink the world in years to come. All rights reserved. Maglev trains are already in operation in China and Germany and are expected to become a common mode of transportation throughout the world by 2030. The train doesn’t have any wheels. These ten innovations are in addition to electric vehicles and driverless cars, both of which are growing in popularity and pervasiveness. Driftscape allows guests to travel while sleeping, roam or touch down in diverse locations. The drones, which look much like a regular helicopter, have 18 propellers. The bike is propelled by a 350W Samsung lithium-Ion battery which turns the treadmill while the user walks. This is a helpful program in urban areas where traffic can make it easier – and faster – to ride a bike than drive a car. Hyperloop One started in 2014, and today there work over 200 people on three campuses in the US. Moovel Group aims to discover how new technologies will affect the way we move tomorrow and connect the ever-changing state of urban transportation. Satellite-based control systems allow air traffic controllers to be more efficient. An innovation platform, such as IdeaScale, provides a Roads are the foundation of the future of transportation, providing society with smart mobility. A healthy transportation sector provides crucial support for economic growth in both rural and urban areas, national defense and sustained access to safe, efficient travel for the country’s inhabitants. Transportation has a rich history of both technical and policy innovation, a history that is likely to persist. Changes to factual circumstances or to any rules or other guidance relied upon may affect the accuracy of the information provided. Hyperloops run at an average of 600 mph; their top speed is 760 mph. Maglev (short for “magnetic levitation”) trains hover about 4 inches above their tracks and are propelled by electrically-charged magnets. Autonomous drone taxis that drive themselves are currently being tested before being released on the market. Smart roads will be able to store solar energy and transfer that energy into electricity for vehicles and the infrastructure. Innovation Professional Certification (CIP), Chief Innovation Officer Certification (CCIO), HR Training for High Performance Innovation, Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing Jet.

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