Founded with the mission to make the process of buying bedding and mattresses for boats a simple and easy process, we have quickly become the preferred source of soft goods for many boat dealers, brokers, manufacturers and refit services. Many have had success with drilling holes in the top of a plywood bunk support. Also, keep in mind that spring mattresses do not fold up and bend like foam ones, so getting them into the boat could be an issue. At the end of our trip away the v-birth packed down in minutes and the covers held the memory foam just fine allowing them to be stood up to breathe. One of the most popular is Hyper Vent, a plastic fiber mat that elevates the mattress ¾in and allows free flow of air. We can craft your custom boat mattress in the exact width, length, and height you need. This is not hard, and you can get things just the way you like them. This event will focus on adaptive sailing and provide practical recommendations for organizations looking to expand their adaptive more, Historic anniversaries have always held a special fascination for me, especially if they mark a significant nautical achievement. Apr 28, 2014 - Just got a quote for 150.00 to make fitted sheets ( we supply the sheets ). As part of this effort, this past summer it organized an online more, On Tuesday, November 24, US Sailing’s Leadership Forum will present the latest panel discussion in their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion series. Ship Shape Bedding Ludham Road Business ParkCatfieldNorfolkNR29 5PY, Yacht Mattress Motorboat MattressCanal Boat MattressNarrowboat Mattress. If we don't have a template for your boat, we will ask you to measure your existing mattresses and provide the dimensions to us, ideally along with a sketch of the mattress to confirm the shape. As you shop you will find that prices vary widely. Many feel that an advantage of latex is its freedom from chemical gassing, which in turn makes it healthier. Being gently rocked to bed is all very well, but if your mattress is not comfortable, that gentle rocking can turn into a nightmare. No need to toss out your old mattress due to a bit of sagging. Although boatbuilders are slowly making improvements in their bedding, most bunks are nothing more than a slab of foam rubber over a plywood base. The squares are placed a couple of inches apart from each other under the mattress, forming a grid of squares that not only elevates the mattress but because they are free to move on the pivot, allows them to also act a bit like a layer of springs adding to the comfort of the mattress. All Rights Reserved. The Froli modular system is designed to fit any shape of berth and keeps air circulating under your mattress, preventing condensation and increasing comfort. Available in standard and custom sizes & shapes for a perfect fit, including v-berth. Trapped moisture can also lead to mold and mildew, which may affect your health. Once you have your template all marked up, please send it back to us to the below address. our heads would be almost touching the ceiling!). We will get in touch once we have received it to go over the details of your order. Thanks to our fool proof templating method, no matter where you are located; the UK, Europe or the rest of the world, we will help you produce a template for a perfect fitting: Wondering why we need a template, ponder no longer and find out why right. A vacation under sail can be the most memorable time of your life. This system works well as it adds to comfort and airflow, and is easily adapted to the odd shapes, often found on boats. Improve your sleeping situation even more by adding some bedding options to your bed. Wayne Canning lives on his Irwin 40 VAYU, in Fort Myers, FL. Another interesting product is the Froli system. A marine professional for more than 40 years, he is now a full-time marine surveyor, freelance writer and author, with his upcoming book Restoring Fiberglass Boats due out this summer. As a custom mattress-maker, we specialize in boat mattresses. Others have used wood slats to replace plywood bunk tops. Template Kits - £10 giving you £15 off when you order! Many start with a firm base or core to support weight, then add a softer layer and finally a memory foam topper depending on the firmness you prefer.

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