Water the soil a day in advance if the area to be worked on is dry. Choosing to divide and transplant Hostas while the weather is cooler puts less stress on the plant. Pull apart clumps with your hands, or use a knife to slice crowns or growing points away from the mother plant. The broad, pointed leaves appear thick and … Blessings, Janet. But the rule of thumb is in the spring. Carefully begin digging making sure you dig out the entire root system. 1. You can now dig out your new planting area. Incorporate a 3-inch layer of compost into the loosened soil to aid moisture retention and soil quality. Keep the plants cool. You will want to work quickly so you can get them back into the ground as soon as possible. Dig around the hosta clump in a circle, then use your shovel as a lever to lift the clump out of the ground. You can transplant them any time, but I like doing it in the fall, so they are good to go in the spring. Roots typically extend this far. USDA zone 5 gardeners experience their las… In back yards to add greenery to your patio and deck area! . XO, The USDA publishes plant hardiness maps based on data collected by the National Climatic Center. Let me know your ideas. Please see our Disclosure Page for more information. 3. Aw thank you! So how do you successfully transplant hostas? Some slug traps may be ideal at this time, as slugs love hostas and will feed on them if not protected. Break up the soil to a 12-inch depth with a spade in the new planting site. Using a straight spade, make your cuts. You dig up the root ball carefully to get it all and then literally tear it apart in sections and replant. Shake or wash the dirt away from the roots. Locate the hosta you want to divide, and find a spot where there are a couple of eyes (eyes are each pip coming out of the ground) can be divided off of the plant. As a subscriber benefit you'll get access to our resource library! Shake or wash the dirt away from the roots. Be sure the soil is well tilled and nutrient rich. Hosta plants are a bush-type perennial plant that thrives in shaded locations. Hi Doreen! Begin separating. Rinse as much of the old soil off as you can without damaging the roots and then move your hosta to its new home. Do you have a problem with deer and how do you deal with it? I love Hostas but the deer love them too. After the soil has loosened, insert the … It's preferable to divide hostas in the late summer and early fall, roughly 4 weeks before first frost. Insert the shovel all the way around the hosta, forming a circle. When digging up the hosta that you want to divide or transplant, you want to be sure you carefully remove the entire root ball. When transplanting hostas, you want to get as much of the root ball as you can. This will help them get a fresh start when they are replanted and it also gives you an idea of what you are working with. If you’re thinking about dividing your plants, now’s the time to do it. Do not split hostas in the Spring as they will be as amenable as they will be in the fall. If they have less space, they’ll simply grow less quickly. Yes, that’s a good tip. Do you have some areas in your landscape that need filling in? The cooler nights help your hostas prepare for winter’s approach. Soften the hard edges of concrete/stone pool decks, hot tub enclosures, down spouts, concrete and stone patios. Haven’t seen you in blogland much as of late, and you’re missed. Dividing Hostas And Daylilies In The Summer Daylilies are one of the easiest perennials to divide, even in the summer. Potted up and grown on in a sheltered spot or cold frame, these new plants will be ready to plant out later in the year year. If your hosta clump is hard to separate by hand you can use a sharp spade or knife to cut up the clump. You can even mist the roots with cool water if you wish. Unearth clumps onto a tarp. Do not transplant hostas during flowering, and it will be very difficult for your plants. 4. If your hostas aren't too large, dig out the entire clump. They can help you save money when planting a large garden bed because they grow so large and when divided you get free plants to fill in other bare areas! You do not want to go to close to the edge or you may take off an eye but no roots. I live in Michigan and I have some Large Hosta’s I was told you can split them to make another bush, when is a good time of the season to do this? How to Split Hosta in the Spring. One large clump can be divided into several new plants. Every three to four years, divide hostas to keep your garden alive and well. Make sure the soil stays moist and the area is staying pest free. Lift and divide congested clumps of hostas in spring or late autumn; Hostas with tough, fibrous roots can be divided with a sharp spade, slicing the clump in two; Large clumps can be split further to leave sections containing five or six shoots The best time to transplant, or split hostas is in early spring, just as the plant is beginning to show some growth. This might mean starting to dig 18 inches around the plant to be sure you aren’t harming or severing any of the root. You don't want it to linger in the yard like a fish out of water. Thanks. Too bad I don’t already have some hostas, but this will come in handy once I get some cultivated. This will make it easier for the plant to establish itself. Hi there, Marilyn - Hostas are one of the easiest plants to divide and transplant. And what a spectacular show you'll have in the Spring! If hosta has already begun to bloom, then cut the peduncles. Check out this article I wrote. Gently pull the plants apart so they are divided. One of the best times of year to divide and transplant hostas is early fall or spring. Maybe when we move next spring I’ll have some decorating posts. Hostas do not usually need dividing for their health. If so, hostas can be perfect for getting the job done. Prepare the hole in the new spot before you remove the hosta from its old place. Good luck! You get more hostas (just smaller) for the price of one! Rember one rule of thumb, you can plan on having to divide and transplant your Hostas every 2 to 3 years How To Divide Hostas For Transplanting. Some are perfect for shade gardens while other hostas can tolerate sun.

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