She usually appeared right before a […], The Cyclops were giant; one-eyed monsters; a wild race of lawless creatures who possess neither social manners nor fear of the Gods. Hydra: A snake with 9 heads, this has been featured in many movies. Criosphinx, a creature with head of a ram and the body of a lion. Here is a list of the most popular creatures and famous artworks devoted to … His wife Echidna, half woman half snake, was likewise the “Mother of All Monsters.”. The Hippoi Kabeirikoi, four bronze horse-shaped automatons crafted by Hephaestus to draw the chariot of the. A host of legendary creatures, animals and mythic humanoids occur in ancient Greek mythology. Greek Mythical Creatures. They are featuring with their supernatural attributes, abilities and powers. Winged Horses or Pterippi, winged horses. The Indian Dragon was a breed of giant serpent which could fight and strangle the elephants of India. The Colchian Dragon, an unsleeping dragon which guarded the Golden Fleece. It has a crayfish-like tail, numerous legs along its body which it uses like oars to move and extremely long hairs that protrude from its nostrils. Hercules slew the hydra as one of his Twelve Labors. The Dracaenae were monsters that had the upper body of a beautiful woman and the lower body of any sort of dragon. After feasting on the figs, the raven finally brings Apollo the cup filled with water and he also brings a water snake (Hydra) as an excuse for being so late. Leon or Lion, killed by Herakles in the war against the gods. Homer describes the dragons with wings and legs. Cychreides, a dragon which terrorised Salamis before being slain, tamed or driven out by Cychreus. In addition to the famous deities, the ancient Greeks also worshiped a number of deified human beings. The Arachne is a creature from Greek mythology, whose name was later used for words like “arachnid” and “arachnophobia.” There’s very little to fear about the story of Arachne, however. Luckily for the heroes, the Ancient Greeks had the strangest, coolest, most terrifying creatures & monsters mythology had to offer ranging from Dragons, Giants, Demons and Ghosts, to multi-formed creatures such as the Sphinx, Minotaur, Centaurs, Manticores & Chimaera. Some Dracaenae were even known to have had in place of two legs, one (or two) serpent tail. Giantomachian dragon, a dragon that was thrown at Athena during the Giant war. Water-snake, god Apollo was about to make a sacrifice on the altar and he needs some water to perform the ritual. 21, Aelian, On The Characteristics Of Animals 6. According to the myth, Arachne was a very famous and talented weaver. They stole food from their victims and […], Ancient writers described Lamia, the daughter of Poseidon, as a ” queen of surpassing beauty.” It was her attractive appearance that led to her unfortunate future. The god sends the raven to fetch some water in his cup, but the bird gets distracted by a fig tree and spends a few days lazily resting and waiting for the figs to ripen. For example, Alabandus at Alabanda, Tenes at Tenedos, Leucothea and her son Palaemon were worshiped throughout Greece. He was born from the blood of Medusa, a frightful Gorgon whose gaze could turn men to stone, when the hero Perseus decapitated her. Each and every creature has its own purpose in the myths and stories. Pegasus is a mythological creature described as a beautiful, pure white stallion with wings. They are usually depicted without wings. It was the job of Cerberus to guard the entrance to Hades. Medusa Medusa was a type of Greek monster called a Gorgon. Hippocamps: Known to be the creatures that Poseidon rode, seahorses were called Hippocamps as per Greek Mythology. The following is a list of gods, goddesses and many other divine and semi-divine figures from ancient Greek mythology and ancient Greek religion. The Laconian Drakon was one of the most fearsome of all the drakons. It was the job of Cerberus to guard the entrance to Hades. Euagrus or Evagrus, a Lapith killed by the centaur Rhoetus at the Centauromachy. Homer describes the dragons with wings and legs. According to Homer’s […], The Harpies were mythical monsters in Greek mythology that had the form of a bird with a human female face; often agents of punishment they abducted people and tortured them on their way to Hades’ domain, employed by the God as instruments for the punishment of the guilty. She went against her vow and married him. Demeter's dragons, a pair of winged dragons that drew Demeter's chariot and, after having be… The Keledones, singing maidens sculpted out of gold by Hephaestus. There are a lot of various mythical creatures that are mentioned in the myths of Ancient Greece. The Athenian inventor Daedalus also manufactured automatons. Characters like the brilliant Daedalus, strong Theseus, evil King Minos and his beautiful daughter Ariadne all make an appearance in this story. 1. They include the serpent-like Drakons, the marine-dwelling Cetea and the she-monster Dracaenae. The jealous wife cursed […], One of the most popular monsters of Greek Mythology, Medusa was a beautiful maiden with golden hair. 10 Legendary Greek Mythological Creatures by Ejaz Khan Belong to the ancient Greeks, concerning their gods and heroes, the nature of the world, and the origins and significance of their own cult and ritual practices, Greek mythology is known for some extremely out of this world mythology. Philinnion, unwed maiden who died prematurely and returned from the tomb as the living dead to consort with a handsome youth named Makhates. The concept of the labyrinth, or the endless underground maze, also originates […]. Child of Phorcys and Keto. The, Clazomenae Boar, gigantic winged sow which terrorized the Greek town of. Centaurs were said to be primal, existing in tribes and making their homes in caves, hunting wild animals and arming themselves with rocks and tree branches.

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