Whether you suffer from an ailment, hate doing yardwork in the sun, or want to keep cool during a tough workout, this cooling vest by TechKewl will ensure that your temperature stays low. Two colors are available, reserved gray and bright lime. A vest that’s build for action, easy to maintain, and non-flammable, the Standard CarbonX Cooling Vest by First Line Technology is a reliable cooling vest for tough situations. Just add water for maximum cooling effect. In addition to tank tops and vests, they make cooling ball caps, ranger hats, and wrist wraps among other innovative wearable products. Fitness fanatic. We’ve picked eight most popular items: from simple ice pack cooling vests to sophisticated and advanced vests based on NASA technological innovation, namely phase change materials. A cooling vest is a piece of specially manufactured apparel that’s designed to assist a person in regulating their body temperature under unfavorable conditions. While some cooling vests may be too bulky to facilitate wearing under clothes, the following vests are ideal for staying cool while wearing your favorite wardrobe items over them. From there, the pad will drop to about 9 or 10 degrees Fahrenheit below ambient temperature—perfect for a comfortable night's sleep. Good2go Cooling Vest Size Medium: Amazon.ca: Tools & Home Improvement. Their cooling technologies and products include Kewltowel, Coolpax, and Hyperkewl among many others. Whether you’re an athlete, an MS patient, or just the citizen of a hot city, combating the heat can be a daily struggle. If not provided by your employer, then you may look into active cooling vests in case you don’t have to move much at work, or evaporative vests, in case you work outside and move a lot. Also, if you work under harsh and hot environments, it might be a good idea to invest in cooling clothing to protect yourself from the dangers of heatstroke. Apart from that minor nuisance, the product is worth recommending. A highlight of their vests is that the cooling packs charge in only 20 minutes submerged in ice water. Those who need cooling therapy may want an alternative to wearing a vest, and the CoreControl Pro is the perfect solution. The method used is either a cooling backpack, or a 9-quart hand carried cooler. And who said that these vests are for men only? However, if you’re specifically looking at a more or less discrete Santa cooling vest, then this vest from Glacier Tek is so sleek and discrete it will be hardly noticed. For a cooling vest with high durability and a relatively low price for the effectiveness, then the Stacool Premium Industrial Vest is a winning choice for most purposes. This sports vest features 8 PCM packs that would maintain a dry, comfortable temperature of around 59°F for up to 2.5 hours in 100°F heat. A thicker and larger vest than most others, the XPC may be the perfect cooling product for those who wear plus sizes. The outer layer reflects heat while the inner layer is cooled by water. 12 min read, 9 Oct 2020 – Plyometrics, or jump training workouts, are exercises that focus on expelling a maximum amount of force in brief spurts. If you’re looking for a cooling vest for sports or fitness activities, you’d obviously want to wear something lightweight. Indeed, there are few similar devices, so don’t expect a stable level of quality just yet. Evaporative vests, as the name gives away, are based on the principle of evaporation. Using 96 pure water ice cubes to provide cooling power, the FlexiFreeze Ice Vest is casual and affordable. Techniche Men's Evaporative Cooling Ultra Sport Vest | Best for Cyclists and Bikers, TechNiche International Ultra Evaporative Cooling Sport Vest, 3X-Large, Blue/Silver, TechKewl 6626-KH-M/L Phase Change Cooling Vest, 7. Are such cooling gadgets limited to using polymers only? With crystals that retain water, and then allow it to slowly evaporate, a cool sensation is produced. The Glacier Cooling Packs keep this vest cooled to a dry 59 degrees for almost three hours, enabling workers, hikers, and other active people to stay cool while focusing on the task at hand. Izibod Cooling uses advanced technologies to make customized cooling vests for any purpose. Featuring a cooler that connects to a hand pod and wrist strap, the CoreControl Pro is designed for you to sit in comfort while it lowers your overall body temperature. A quality cooling vest without a lot of extras, the Standard Basic Cooling Vest is aptly named. Created to be lightweight and durable, the Stacool Premium Industrial Vest comes with two sets of cooling packs for a total of 12. When shopping for cooling vests, the most common types on the market involve phase changing packs that are inserted into the vest. Some customers claim that the idea is great, but the execution leaves much to be desired. The experience is similar to checking your blood pressure, but much more comfortable, and with cutting edge cooling technology. Specializing in cold wear, Polar Products makes cooling and heating products that go far beyond apparel. Enjoys a well deserved glass of wine from time to time. The consumers confirmed the effectiveness of the vest for 2 hours, great fitting, comfort, and its overall durability. Prices for cooling products typically vary by a range of about $200, mostly depending on their materials, extra features, and cooling methods. TechKewl Hybrid Sport Cooling VestThis vest combines two technologies — evaporative cooling fabric and phase change cooling packs. For general needs, each of these cooling vests can keep your temperature down when you need it most. The cotton fabric protects the skin and an insulated outer composite fabric directs the cooling energy toward the body. It uses two very thin hoses to go to and from the vest back into the cooler.This type of cooling vest is only feasible if you are standing or sitting still for long periods of time. The Phase Change Inserts are removable, and a single charge will keep the vest cool for 2-3 hours. Gel pack vests work similarly, with the difference that gel packs are more comfortable to wear but last less than ice pack vests. Gel packs work just like ice in the way they have to be frozen from a couple of hours to overnight and then inserted inside the vest pouches before wearing. 6. What is the best cooling vest? If you’re looking for XS or S sizes and haven’t been able to find them in a previous vest, turn your attention to the TechNiche International Adult HyperKewl Cooling Sports Vest. Sealable with a durable front zipper, Original Cool Vest from Glacier Tek is designed for pure comfort and functionality. An interesting note from their website is that ice vests are widely used to burn fat in a process called cold thermogenesis. Sometimes the best cooling accessory isn’t a vest, but rather a hat liner. Allegro Industries 8300 Vortex Cooling Vest with CoolerIt is a high-end professional-grade cooling vest made from polyvinyl chloride. With heat increasing on a worldwide basis due to man-made climate change, there are many climates in the world where the average person could use a cooling vest. Evaporative cooling vests are pretty simple in use but not suitable for humid environments where water evaporates slowly. Extremely versatile and easy to care for, the Standard CarbonX Cooling Vest is both machine washable and charges at room temperature. There’s no need to drop over $300 on an elaborate cooling vest when you can get the HyperKewl Cooling Sport Vest from TechNiche International. Yes, it certainly can. Cooling technologies, styles, and ways of fastening each vest vary, but each cooling vest ultimately resembles a casual sleeveless vest. Whatever your priority, the right cooling vest can offer life-changing benefits that make your favorite activities and jobs a lot easier. For a highly affordable vest that provides at least five hours of cooling power per soaking, the HyperKewl Sport Vest from TechNiche makes an excellent gift or beginner’s vest.

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