} if (action.type === 'DIRECT_LINE/CONNECT_FULFILLED') { For more information about COVID-19 in Georgia, please visit our resource page or call the Georgia COVID-19 hotline at 844-442-2681. //botAvatarInitials: '', License/ID List - Related Links If your out-of-state driver’s license has expired for more than 2 years, or it was lost or stolen, you will have to follow a different procedure to get a Georgia driver’s license. Items that appear on your card such as License Classes, Endorsements, Restrictions, Blood Type. Georgia Department of Driver Services will be closed Thursday, November 26th and Friday, November 27th. z-index: 1001; Please plan accordingly. #webchat { var dispatchEvent = function (dispatch) { [CDATA[// > [CDATA[// > Services we offer online so you don't have to visit a CSC. Violations and Suspensions //--> Renew a Georgia Driver's License You must renew your driver’s license every 8 years. For-Hire Driver Application License Services } Renewing your license in Georgia can be done online, in person at a center, by mail, or by downloading the DDS 2 GO Mobile App. Real ID Requirements
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