Building maintenance 3. This article was written by Denise Ee, an undergraduate at the NUS Faculty of Law. Municipal Council makes necessary arrangements for the cremation and burial of dead bodies. Promotion of Cultural and Educational Welfare: For the cultural, educational and aesthetic development of the people of the town the Municipal Council establishes cultural centres in the town, sets up museums, opens educational institutions and manages item. Siraj has been very helpful from day 1. Audited reports must be submitted to the Ministry for National Development for tabling to parliament. What is the monthly allowance for a Non-Constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP)? 17. The Ministry will then make public its concerns and observations for the benefit of the residents, and publish the Town Council Management Report so residents can keep track of the performance of their Town Council. 4. The information provided does not constitute legal advice. Is it better to run as a party candidate or as an independent? To protect the interests of weaker sections of society: Municipal Council makes adequate arrangements for safeguarding the interests of the weaker sections of society, including the handicapped and mentally retarted. Government Grants-in-aid – such as the annual operating grant and any other grants. 13. Regulation of land use and construction of Buildings: It makes bye-laws for the proper use of land and undertakes construction of buildings. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. For this purpose, it makes necessary arrangements for the development and improvement of urban slums. Functions of District Council (1) Subject to Section 50 of the Local Government Act 2011, a Municipal City Council, Municipal Town Council or District Council shall perform such functions as are necessary to further most effectively its purpose and, in particular, shall – (a) develop, implement and monitor its strategic plans and budgets; There are two main reasons for setting up the town council system, as stated by Minister for National Development, Mr Khaw Boon Wan in 2013: “…Parliament decided to give MPs more authority and responsibility over the HDB estates in their constituencies, in order to strengthen the nexus between the residents and their elected MPs. (See sections 39 and 44 of the Town Councils Act.). If the Town Council fails to maintain the estate properly, or if any duty of a Town Council must be carried out immediately to remove any imminent danger to residents, the Minister for National Development is empowered to step in and appoint someone else to perform the duties of the Town Council. These offences are liable on conviction to fines. What is the monthly allowance for a Singapore Member of Parliament (MP)? 4. Cleaning services of the common areas 2. Water Supply for Domestic, Industrial and Commercial Purpose: It has the power to make provision for the supply of clean drinking water in its area. Does the Speaker of Parliament have to be a Member of Parliament? Sincere services rendered. At least 2/3 of the appointed members must be residents of the Town, to ensure that the interests of residents are represented. In the case of a single-member constituency, that MP will be the Chairman. Public amenities including Street lighting, Parking, Bus Stops, and public conveniences: Municipal Council makes proper arrangements for street-lighting in the town, sets up parking places in the town for parking of vehicles, tangas and rickshaws, and provides amenities, such as latrines and urinals. The Minister may declare to be a Town an area comprising any constituency, or any 2 or 3 constituencies where the MPs have agreed to work together as a Town. Thank you. Prior to the establishment of Town Councils, the common areas of HDB estates were maintained by HDB, in a centralised, apolitical system. When does a Singapore Parliament election have to be held? It acts like a legislature. The strategic intent was to bring home to the MPs that how they manage and run their Town Council would affect their electoral fortunes at the next election. Prevention of Cruelty against Animals: Municipal Council makes necessary arrangements for the burial of dead animals as well as for preventing cruelty to animals. 15. Do all other acts that are reasonably necessary for the exercise of all or any of the powers or duties of the Town Council, and for the enforcement of its by-laws, and perform any other function which is conducive to the purposes of the Town Council in accordance with the provisions of the Town Councils Act or any other Act. To fulfil its functions, the Town Council is conferred with certain powers through the Town Councils Act. All the articles you read in this site are contributed by users like you, with a single vision to liberate knowledge. 9. It raised a host of questions as to the exact responsibilities of a competent town council. A breach of any of the by-laws is an offence, and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $5,000. 11. Who can be a candidate in the general elections? There are three offences in the Town Councils Act, relating to the misuse of Town Councils’ funds, the contravention of the Town Council – Lift Upgrading Programme rules, and the wilful withholding of information required by an auditor without reasonable cause. For this purpose it can undertake the construction and running of homes and handicapped persons. TOS It is to make arrangements for the supply of water for industrial and commercial purposes. In this context it undertakes several functions: (i) Makes provision for public latrines and urinals. (See section 3 of the Town Councils Act. 3. (iv) Makes adequate arrangements for checking adulteration in food-stuff. Conservancy and Service Charges levied upon every flat in any residential or commercial property, and every stall in any market or food centre of the HDB within the town, at such rates determined by the Town Council.

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