Ask me how I know... 2 rpm on top will overfeed the bottom auger and bind up and burn out a new motor again. England’s Stove Works has been making pellet stoves since 1990 and is probably the most common pellet stove on the market. On the control board there are three buttons on the bottom. All Rights Reseved. if you go the aftermarket route make sure the auger motor is 1 rpm and 1amp or less. This happens when the exhaust blower motor casing becomes loose. If this does not solve the problem, make sure your venting is free and clear; verify that the combustion blower is spinning…if both are true, then replace the vacuum switch. England's Stove Works recommends that basement installation be performed only by a professional installer. Help is always appreciated. 25-EPI, 55-SHPEPI or 55-TRPEPI Pellet Insert. 25-EPI, 55-SHPEPI or 55-TRPEPI Pellet Insert for Canada; 10-CPM, 49-SHCPM or 49-TRCPM. If the unit is located below ground level, you will need to run the pipe up and then outside the dwelling. Simply cut off about an inch or somewhere up the hose to a point that’s not brittle and reinsert the hose back on the barb. The only thing left to replace now is the dam auger, which at this point I don’t care. If you are replacing a wood stove with a pellet unit the chimney should be thoroughly cleaned before proceeding with the installation. The reason is simple, for nearly 10 years, the only pellet stove sold at Home Depot was an Englander and the only stove sold at Lowe’s was a Summers Heat, both identical and both made here is the U.S. by England’s Stove Works. You may get to know your repair man real well. This unit has been designed and tested with this connection, because so many homes are airtight and there is not adequate combustion air available inside the dwelling. 12-CSS, 12-CSM or 12-CSL Camp Stove for Canada; 12-RS Rocket Stove. The function of the thermostat is to control heat in the structure the unit is located in. NOTE: If the total run of the connection exceeds 6', or if more than 2 elbows are used, use 3" metal pipe (and coupler) instead. NOTE: England's Stove Works strongly recommends installation of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors when installing ANY type of stove. Pages in total: 24. Do not exceed four feet (4') of pipe on a horizontal run, and do attempt to use the least number of elbows in the flue system. They made a big one and small one, each used double augers to feed the pellets, each simply crafted out of stamped steel, each as ugly as the other but they were simple economy styles stoves that fit the bill and could be had for around $1000 bucks. NOTE: England's Stove Works strongly recommends installation of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors when installing ANY type of stove. Mobile home installation should be in accordance with the Manufactured Home and Safety Standard (HUD), CFR 3280, Part 24. I like it so much, I bought a used one for my garage for $300. 15-SSW01, 50-SHSSW01 or 50-TRSSW01 for Canada, 15-SSW02, 50-SHSSW02 or 50-TRSSW02 for Canada, 15-SSW03, 50-SHSSW03 or 50-TRSSW03 for Canada, 15-W06, 50-SHW06, 50-SHW06L or 50-TRW06 for Canada, 15-W08, 50-SHW08, 50-SHW08L or 50-TRW08 for Canada, 13-NCI, 50-SNC13I or 50-TNC13I Wood Insert, 12-CSS, 12-CSM or 12-CSL Camp Stove for Canada, 25-CAB80, 55-SHPCAB80 or 55-TRPCAB80 for Canada, 25-CBPAH, 55-SHPCBPAH or 55-TRPCBPAH for Canada, 25-CBPEP, 55-SHPCBEP or 55-TRPCBEP for Canada, 25-CB120, 55-SHPCB120 or 55-TRPCB120 for Canada, 25-EPI, 55-SHPEPI or 55-TRPEPI Pellet Insert, 25-EPI, 55-SHPEPI or 55-TRPEPI Pellet Insert for Canada, 12-CSS, 12-CSM or 12-CSL Camp Stove​ for Canada, 25-EPI, 55-SHPEPI or 55-TRPEPI Pellet Insert in French, 26-GU, 26-GUH, 60-SHU, 60-SHUH, 60-TRU, 60-TRUH, 25-PDVC, 25-PDVCH, 55-SHP10, 55-SHP10L or 55-TRP10. (Typical Basement Installation Illustration). Also refer to the section on "Start-up Procedure" for information on cold starts.

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