Note down the units to be measured i.e. Question 36. What is boundary layer ? 3. What Is The Principle Of Development Of Surfaces? The conventions make the drawing simple and easy to draw. Sub-divide 1 main part into 10 parts on the left side of zero. How is a Pelton turbine braked ? 93. What are the three functions served by a surge tank in a hydro plant ? Question 11. What Do You Mean By Convention/ Code? Axial pump has maximum specific speed and reciprocating pump has minimum. Most Asked Technical Basic CIVIL | Mechanical | CSE | EEE | ECE | IT | Chemical | Medical MBBS Jobs Online Quiz Tests for Freshers Experienced. and H.T. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Questions Answers PDF :: 51. Question 21. 7. Required fields are marked *. 12. State law of conservation of momentum ? Define Representative Fraction (r.f.)? Size on drawing can be = or < or > the actual size. Why thin-plate orifice is frequently recommended for flow measurement in most of the cases ? Name Different Drawing Instruments.? What is meant by loading ? 52. 74. Horizontal trace (H.T.) Plane is a two dimensional figure with limited/ unlimited two dimensions. Projection on a plane will be the true length to which plane line is parallel. A line in drawing can be defined in a number of ways. There are standard symbols for types of lines, types of letters, types of materials, types of sections, types of joints used in industry as well as daily life. 5. Diagonal scale: In which, one can measure certain units, its one tenth value as well as its one hundredth value. What type of turbine is this ? ENGINEERING DRAWING Questions and Answers :: Your email address will not be published. (i) If a number of measurements are made on same true value, the degree of closeness of these measurements gives precision 67. The principal planes of projection are three: NOTE: All these planes (HP, VP and PP) are at right angles to each other. of a section plane: It is a line in the horizontal plane where the cutting plane is meeting as well as perpendicular to the horizontal plane. AP6AM Interview Questions ©Copyright 2020. (i) annual loss of revenue on account of power head lost due to friction. 23. Depending on the size of the object, the size taken on drawing (sheet) can be same or different. Practical applications of Intersection of surfaces: Manufacture of tables, chairs, installation of air conditioning ducts, in the construction of boilers, furnaces, chimneys. Sectional view: The object is cut by a vertical plane to see the internal invisible details in the front view. Why the elements of higher pairs must be force closed ? 18. Under same flow conditions the friction head loss increases as the size change to the 4.8th power. Ans: 0.1 to 0.25. 71. Draw a line and mark 0, 1, 2, 3, 4—— at equal distances on the right side of zero. Culverts are built at the points of lowest valley to pass water across the embankments of highways or railroads. When the line when produced meets at some point to VP. 24. 29. 66.67%. Question 20. What Are The Standard Sizes Of Drawing Sheets According To I.s.i. 20. Question 10. 94. Scales can be used for the following purposes: These scales can be plain scales or diagonal scales. These conventions make the study easy, simple and convenient. Question 9. P.—Horizontal plane for the top view of the object. A5 (210 X 148). It is used to determine velocity of flow in pipe. Find the length, L, of the scale Froude number. Home » ENGINEERING DRAWING Questions » 300+ TOP ENGINEERING DRAWING Interview Questions and Answers. Of A Section Plane? The direction of tangential acceleration may be same or opposite to that of angular velocity. Question 8. It uses a Vernier calliper. If the line lies in a horizontal plane, it will have a horizontal trace as a line itself. What Is The Necessity Of Dimension A Drawing? In laminar flow the fluid particles move along smooth, regular paths which can be pre¬dicted in well advance. What is meant by precision ? Practical applications of Intersection of surfaces: Manufacture of tables, chairs, installation of air conditioning ducts, in the construction of boilers, furnaces, chimneys. What is the number of degrees of freedom constrained in each case by the kinematic pairs. The head loss in a fully developed laminar flow in a circular pipe due to friction is directly proportional to … ? Your email address will not be published. (ii) cylindrical pair—two degrees of freedom. (i) flow regulation – act as a reservoir for acceptance or delivery of water to meet requirements of load changes. It is used in sheet metal work for the manufacture of funnels, boilers, chimneys and furniture of various types. 29. are: Drawing sheet of size 594 X 420 i.e. Ans: Yes. Where should centre of gravity of a body lie for it to float in stable equilibrium ? 41. Kaplan turbine. Two geometrically similar flow systems subject only to friction and inertia forces are dy¬namically similar if both have the same ‘Reynolds’ number. On what factor the size of cam depends ? May be a book, shoe, pencil, pen, cell phone, remote etc. 47. For example a scale in m, dm and cm is a diagonal scale, dm, and cm and mm is another diagonal scale. Engineering drawing has its own grammar in terms of projections, conventional representations, types of lines, abbreviations, symbols and various geometric constructions. Flow in which adjacent layers mix continuously, so that the flow pattern is unsteady, full of eddies, and apparently without any mathematically expressible regularity. Why Cello-tape Is Used Instead Of Drawing Pins, Nowadays? There are standard symbols as per national or international codes. What Are The Requirements For The Construction Of A Scale? engineering graphics mcqs pdf Question bank. 1. 8. (i) Itevolute pair, (ii) cylindrical pair, (iii) Screw pair, (iv) Spherical pair. 11. (ii) They are used in the calculation of gain margin and phase margin. One end is defined with respect to the principal planes of projections and its inclination given with one of the principal plane along with true length.

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