Shipping to Spain: costs. In the absence of these, look for online testimonials. This is best for people who don’t have a ton of items to move. "image": "", Most international movers will have a basic idea of the fees for importing your personal effects. With all that said, it is the moving costs that determine if it’s worth shipping furniture overseas. Relocation companies will offer a professional packing service. Take the temperature of your move by finding international shipping quote on Eurosender. 2 - 4 working days. When entering the country you’ll need a full inventory of your belongings (in Spanish), as well as a residence certificate and proof of employment. Keep in mind, however, that online estimates don’t usually include extra costs such as insurance, handling fees, or minimum shipment charges. The cost of shipping a container internationally can range widely and it depends on a number of factors. Shipping belongings to Spain . However, those moving to Spain from the USA should take a few things into consideration. There are, however, many factors to consider such as keeping your costs down, avoiding damage, and receiving your belongings on time. However, those moving to Spain from the USA should take a few things into consideration. Some road freight and removal companies offer regular grouped freight services to major cities in Spain, and it’s also possible to take advantage of door-to-door relocation services. Have a cookie The information below talks you through the process of shipping items from the UK to Spain. When moving overseas, it’s important to consider how shipping furniture works and how much it will cost. You can usually get basic quotes by using online price comparison websites and the websites of international shipping companies. We will not send you any spam messages, never! If you’re moving from within Europe, sending your belongings by road can be a hassle-free way of getting them to your new home quickly and securely. For more information feel free to call one of our representatives at: US 562-408-6677 // Toll Free 800-599-0190, { For example, some removalists are part of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations or the International Air Transport Association, while others will be registered with national bodies in their country of operation. The moving professionals will be part of only licensed and insured moving companies. Ship Now. If you’re looking for a speedy way of getting your belongings to your new home, then air freight might be your best option. The best relocation companies book up in advance. If you choose this method, it’s possible to move on a low budget. Cost is a big factor. Deciding what you want to bring from home can also be a time consuming matter. Some home movers elect to use a door-to-door service to take some of the stress out of moving. If you’re not sure of which service you need, get a quote from one of these international logistics platforms: Finding the right international shipping provider can give you peace of mind while dealing with the other details of your move. All Rights Reserved. Speaking very generally, it will cost about £ 1,600 (GBP) to ship the contents of a three-bedroom house by sea from London to New York, while it will cost around £ 2,000 (GBP) to ship the contents of the same house on the same route by air. Ship Now. Though each of our locations offer the great consolidated moving rates to Spain and our representatives will let you know the best options with your situation. Container Shipping to Spain by PSS Removals, we combine the best prices with the best container shipping service to Spain. There’s a reason good removal professionals are high in demand. For over 38 years our container shipping service to Spain has helped families with all of their removal needs from cars, small shipments of furniture and personal effects to complete home removals including the kitchen sink! With a pet, it can cost from £258.50, so just a few pounds more. You may change your settings at any time. Its five main ports, Valencia, Bahía de Algeciras, Barcelona, Las Palmas and Bilbao, account for over 80% of the shipping containers that enter and leave Spain. Global Post - Economy. If time is on your side or you’re looking to save some money, shipping to one of Spain’s major container ports can be your best option. Road shipping to Spain can be on either a full load or part load basis. Shipping freight quotes are usually based on size rather than weight. While some companies allow you to pack your items yourself, consider whether it’s worth the extra investment to have this done for you to save time and hassle. Will I have a point of contact who will be available to help me throughout the process? Most companies also offer professional packing services at an additional cost. Shipping rates based on: United States to Spain; Dimensions of 4 x 4 x 4 in ; Weight of 1 lbs; DHL - Express Worldwide. Your contact information will be used for estimate purposes only for your upcoming international relocation. "description": "Moving to Spain? "sku":"ES001", "aggregateRating": { Groupage: – if you don’t have enough belongings for a full container, you can pay for part of a container instead. With a range of airports, ports, and an extensive road and rail networks, moving your belongings to Spain isn’t complex. When thinking about what items to bring, consider the overall costs other than just the ocean freight such as import costs, taxes and duties, living arrangement in Spain, etc. Choosing the right relocation company is one of the toughest parts of the process. 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