Become part of a wonderful community of discerning food lovers. This is Andy's convoluted way of saying that Khanh's flavour combination is too safe, and good for you for using more than one word, Andy. They can cook anything they want but Andy says the flavour pair has to be "front and centre". Remove from oven and set aside to cool. Wonder how long it will take for him to bring up his wife and newborn baby? Simon is doing a Poh and starts whispering to his ice-cream machine. He says the flavours make sense in his brain, but that his brain is "a whole other kettle of fish", which explains a lot really. "Wow, wow, wow," says Jock. Harsh, but very, very fair. In the first round Harry dished up sweet pea dumpling with salmon tartare, cured salmon and pinot noir chardonnay granita. Melissa, who is dressed like a sultry snowflake tonight, asks Reynold, Laura and Callum how much things have changed since they were last in this position. Jess is devastated that she only made it halfway, but really thankful. Jock is happy Laura is going out of her comfort zone (aka: not cooking pasta) and Andy likes that she is cooking from a memory – "bangin", he says, of course. Mix in sugar and salt and set aside until serving. Time for judging and let's get this over with because Melissa says "bangin" and Andy says "gnarly"; things are getting out of control. He says he is happy with how it looks, which is exactly like a McDonald's chocolate thickshake in case you were wondering. She gets an idea to use sea parsley, a salty parsley, to make a green powder to resemble moss. Tessa is making beetroot and aniseed myrtle for one scoop and tamarind ice-cream for the other. Jock, have you been living under Laura's rocks and pebbles?! Transfer dough to lightly floured work surface. Place onto a lined baking tray and store in the freezer until ready to serve. Peel off the skins, For the yoghurt ice cream, put all the ingredients except the yoghurt in a pan and bring to a boil. A litre of ice cream in a sitting for Andy is amateur hour. It requires a lot of preparation so make sure you're ready for the task ahead. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. The MasterChef 2020 recap collection: we watch the show so you don't have to; For tonight's elimination rounds, the MasterChef kitchen has transformed into a few aisles at Coles, which is a great reminder that I need to pop into Woolies tonight.. Step 11: Once frozen, turn the parfait onto a chopping board (you may need to run some warm water over the mould to loosen). He tells Jock and Andy that he is making a coffee sable served with hibachi-grilled lamb and a coffee jus, though he pronounces it "juice". She says she wants the judges to "experience being at the beach", which is very thoughtful now that Melbourne is in lockdown and can't go anywhere. Jess has named her dish "the grass is greener on the other side" and everyone else is wondering if they were also meant to give their ice-creams philosophical titles. Jock says he still doesn't know what a snitch is, but it looks pretty good to him. Matt made blackberry sorbet with a honey nougat, tempered chocolate and port jelly. Poh picked mustard and mint because she has an Italian dish in mind, tortelli di zucca, a northern Italian pasta dish made with pumpkin and amaretti biscuits. Jock says he wants it to "blow his mind", and Laura starts working out how to turn pasta and HP sauce into an ice-cream dish. She starts panicking and says she needs the discs to prevent the oyster emulsion from spilling out of her pebbles, but there is not enough time to make another meringue sheet.

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