We will refer to a well detailed study published by the British Government (Survey of Caffeine Levels in Hot Beverages, Food Standards Agency, UK, August 2004): It has been generally believed that Chinese Green Tea has less caffeine than Black Tea. Keemun tea is the best Chinese black tea, honored as “the queen of black tea. This intensifies the flavour of any tea and reduces the caffeine consumed compared to Western methods of tea-making. Mid-grown teas are strong, rich and full-bodied. To recoup the losses from this delay, a farmer looked for a way to accelerate the drying time and save his order. After the whole-leaf teas, the scale degrades to broken leaves, fannings, then dusts. Black Tea. Fannings and dusts are useful in bagged teas because the greater surface area of the many particles allows for a fast, complete diffusion of the tea into the water. Fei Zi Xiao(Smile of Princess) Black Tea Chinese Version. After many failed attempts, Camellia sinensis was able to grow there but eventually, production of the native Camellia assamica plant was found to be far more lucrative . Then black teas are processed in either of two ways, This page was last edited on 25 October 2020, at 02:21. Copyright © 1998-2020 All rights reserved. But there is a way to reduce the caffeine level of any tea if you are sensitive to it. Characterised by its strong taste, when brewed it is mahogany in color. A cold vessel lowers the steep temperature; to avoid this, always rinse the vessel with ≥90 °C (≥194 °F) water before brewing. Whole-leaf black teas, and black teas to be served with milk or lemon, should be steeped 4 to 5 minutes. This results in a finished product with a coarser texture than that of bagged teas. But history continues the confusion. [14], Plain black tea without sweeteners or additives contains caffeine, but negligible quantities of calories or nutrients. Any tea is best made using the traditional Chinese method of tea-making known as Gong Fu Cha (Tea With Great Skill). Further Reading:How  to Make Chinese Tea 10 Most Famous Chinese Black Tea. We do not recommend teas on the basis of health benefits and at this point, do not think it is prudent to recommend tea-drinking for anything other than to enjoy the wonderful flavour and the experience of enjoying tea alone or with friends. Traditionally served with beet sugar crystals. Up to this time, the British preferred to pay the Chinese for their tea with the opium they cultivated from India. [15] Longer steeping times makes the tea bitter (at this point, it is referred to as being "stewed" in the UK). Unlike in China where all tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant species, Indian tea is made from the native Camellia assamica species which has a higher (and more economical) yield, a stronger flavor and much higher levels of caffeine. Broken leaves are commonly sold as medium-grade loose teas. Xiamen Jiandafeng Co.,Ltd is an international trader located in Xiamen,where is in the center area of China, with the profound resource from nature in the area, with well-equipped production equipment and strong technical force. Medium bodied, bright and refreshing. Keemun tea is the best Chinese black tea, honored as “the queen of black tea. And the label of “Black Tea” has stuck in the West ever since. Pour boiled water into the tea pot again. Pour the tea soup into the fair cup, shake and mix it well. Chinese Black Tea as it is called today in the West is the name given those teas that have been oxidized and the tea has a distinct red colour. Survey of Caffeine Levels in Hot Beverages, Food Standards Agency, UK, August 2004): Gong Fu Cha - The Complete Guide To Making Chinese Tea by Daniel Lui, Chinese Teapots - Choosing Size And Shape, Gong-Fu Cha - The Complete Guide To Making Chinese Tea, Why Tea Tastes Bitter & How To Get Rid Of It (Part 1), Why Tea Tastes Bitter & How To Get Rid Of It (Part 2). A few seconds later, quickly pour the water out. So popular was Black Tea in Britain that the British Government had to stem the flow of their silver reserves to China. Black tea is a type of tea that is more oxidized than oolong, yellow, white and green teas. First, the leaves are dried over high fire in a dryer to get rid of 30 percent moisture of it. from $15.95 USD Smoke Lapsang Sauchong Black Tea. There are many health benefits attributed to drinking Chinese tea, ranging from feelings of well-being to near magical cures. The same holds for broken leaf teas, which have more surface area and need less brewing time than whole leaves. The true Chinese Black Teas as they are known in China are the post-fermented, aged teas such as Pu-Erh Tea). Besides, China Keemun black tea can also do favors in preventing decayed teeth, resisting aging, lowering blood sugar, anti-cancer, anti-radiation and lose weight, etc. The first mention of tea in European literature was in the book “Sea Voyage”, written by Lamu Soar, a Venetian. The withered Keemun tea leaves will be kneaded twice and the time duration is about 30~45 minutes for each time. Whole-leaf teas are widely considered the most valuable, especially if they contain leaf tips. This does not include the semi-oxidized and post-fermented teas which produce green and black coloured teas respectively. Whole-leaf teas are the highest quality, with the best whole-leaf teas graded as "orange pekoe". Chinese black teas, however, have all the mellow, sweetened effects of milk and sugar without requiring either. … Good quality and reasonable price, punctual delivery, sincere service. It has been planted in Qimen County, Huangshan City of Anhui Province for more than 100 years. Characterised by its strong taste and nice aroma, semi-long brewing time about 10-15 minutes, when brewed it is dark red in colour. The confusion has been the result of more broad and unqualified statements that compare apples to oranges and not apples to apples, so to speak. Whole-leaf teas are produced with little or no alteration to the tea leaf. Masala chai has been widely recognised and adapted in the West by the locals to their liking since its introduction by the British East India company, with changes in the ingredients and the method of preparation more suited to western consumers.

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