Goldfrank's toxicologic emergencies(Tenth ed.). (4th ed.). IWK Regional Poison Centre. Compatible with sodium chloride 0.9%, dextrose 5% in water, dextrose-saline combinations. If effective for reversing hypotension and bradycardia, continue with this regimen. Retrieved from Walter F. G. Shannon, M. W., Borron, S. W., & Burns, M. J. Do not use routinely in cardiac arrest. Repeat every 10 - 20 minutes as required; after four doses, monitor serum calcium levels and reassess. 200 to 800 mg injected into the ventricular cavity Contraindicated in management of ventricular fibrillation. Comments: Reconstitution/preparation techniques: pH (range 5.5-7.5) adjusted with Hydrochloric Acid and/or Sodium Hydroxide. Paediatric population. This medicine is not recommended for use in children. (2011). Philadelphia: Saunders Elsevier. (2007). -Do not inject into the myocardium. Olson, K. R. (2007). (2014). Always consult your healthcare provider to ensure the information displayed on this page applies to your personal circumstances. Walter F. G. 10% calcium chloride injection is a sterile, nonpyrogenic, hypertonic solution. New York: McGraw Hill. (Ed. This study extends these preliminary data to endogenous sepsis (cecal ligation) and low dose calcium therapy. -Repeat injections may be needed because of rapid calcium excretion. Maximum rate: 1 mL/min -Use great care to avoid extravasation or perivascular injection. Handbook on injectable drugs (17th ed.). Trissel, Lawrence, A,. provides accurate and independent information on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products. Haddad and Winchester's clinical management of poisoning and drug overdose (Fourth ed.). Micromedex, T. H. A. Magnesium levels should be checked and hypomagnesemia treated if present. Other Comments Usual Adult Dose for Hypocalcemia Usual dose: 500 to 1000 mg by slow intravenous injection, every 1 to 3 days depending on response and/or serum calcium -Repeat injections may be needed because of rapid calcium excretion. Goldfrank, L. R., Nelson, L. S., Lewin, N. A., Howland, M. A., Hoffman, R. S., (2015). (2007). This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. -Premature neonates are at increased risk for aluminum toxicity due to their immature kidneys and need for large calcium and phosphate doses, which contain aluminum. calcitriol, ergocalciferol, calcium carbonate, epinephrine, sodium bicarbonate, Caltrate, Lokelma, patiromer, Vitamin D2, insulin regular. IV calcium can be given as 10 mL of a 10% calcium gluconate solution over 2 to 3 minutes or as calcium chloride, which contains three times the amount of calcium per 10 mL dose. Monitor serum calcium every 2 to 4 hours during therapy. For calcium channel blocker overdose and hyperkalemia: 20 mg/kg IV, slowly. Bethesda, Maryland: American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. Ionized calcium may also be measured. Borron, S. W., Bronstein, A. C., Fernandez, M. C., & et all. -This drug must not be injected into the myocardial tissue; only inject into the ventricular cavity during cardiac resuscitation. Acute oral toxicity of calcium chloride is low, as evidenced by the studies with rats administered single doses of calcium chloride dissolved in water or in 5% Arabic gum, resulting in LD50 > 2000 mg/kg bw. IWK Regional Poison Centre. IWK Regional Poison Centre 1.800.565.8161 | www.IWKPoisonCentre.caLast updated: 02/2020. 1-2 mg/kg every 4 to 6 hours to a max dose of 50 mg Dizziness, drowsiness, CNS … Sprague Dawley rats (n = 9 per group) had jugular catheters placed and their cecums ligated. Calcium chloride should not be administered in the same infusion with sodium bicarbonate, since calcium will combine with sodium bicarbonate to form an insoluble precipitate (calcium carbonate). Calcium chloride should be given with extreme caution, and in reduced dosage, to persons taking digitalis because it increases ventricular irritability and may precipitate digitalis toxicity. New York: McGraw Hill.

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