For example, B2B personalization solutions provider Everage found that 88% of marketers believe that improved customer experience is a reason to prioritize personalization. Increase Brand Affinity. By providing a personalised experience, particularly one that is predictive rather than reactive, brands have a real opportunity to provide much-needed utility in … What was once an optional addition to a website and marketing … A personalization strategy can include customized email marketing … Personalization makes your marketing useful There is an overload of content, products and services out there. In a nutshell, marketing personalization means interacting with your audience and customers in a way that feels personal and human, taking into consideration their likes, preferences and interests. Personalization is a way to address the strategic challenges facing all sales and marketing teams, enabling them to meet the changing needs of their customers. Personalization is no longer a buzz word because those who know of its importance are capitalizing it and reaping the benefits. Gives a face to your business. The shift to more towards personalized, targeted shopping experiences is largely due to the advancements in marketing … In the words of Malcolm Gladwell, marketers in 2020 have finally reached the 'tipping point' where scalable hyper-personalization of marketing activities is not only possible, but is rapidly becoming a requirement in order to stay up with evolving consumer trends.. By offering consumers relevant and unique experiences it enables you to create long lasting, valued relationships with your current and future customers, boosting your revenues and delivering marketing … Though less tangible, another important reason to invest in personalization … Better Converting Calls to Action. A call-to-action (CTA) is a great way to move things along in the … The Benefits of Personalization To say that personalization is beneficial to your e-commerce company is underselling it a bit. In order to offer a truly personal experience through your marketing, … Research by EConsultancy also shows that 74% of marketers cite personalization … The Power of Personalized Customer Experiences. Thanks to predictive analysis and cloud marketing solutions, … Truth is, today, personalization has proven to be powerful.

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