Medical Technology is a crucial and most important variety of technology. Artificial limbs, hip and knee inserts are used to make people function properly in their life; cochlear inserts enhances the hearing sense of the people. Surgical procedures are the most apt example medical technological development. It involves the machinery and services related to the medical science powered by the technology. Information Technology A broad class of technology based on machines that process data and perform calculations at high speed known as computers. •Divide the provided paper into 6 sections •Label each section as one of the 6 categories of technology. Learn. Test. The following are common types of technology. Technology can be defined in number of different ways. There are instructional procedures which represent majority of these principles comprise of the approaches like direct instruction (Carnine, Silbert, & Kameenui, 1990), response prompting (Wolery, Ault, & Doyle, 1992), applied behavior analysis (Alberto & Troutman, 1995; Wolery, Bailey, & Sugai, 1988), and learning strategies (Deshler & Schumaker, 1986). (Communication, Construction, Transportation, Manufacturing, Energy/Power, Bio- Related) •Draw 3 pictures showing examples of each category •Identify at least 1 career in each category. This type of technology implies to machine and tools used to solve the problem of carriage of human and goods. There are medical devices that are useful in respiratory assistance such as these devices provide oxygen supplementation or even mechanical ventilation. Some of the distinctive applications of instructional technology make use of some classical media like CD-ROM, DVDs, videotapes, hypermedia programs which are capable of controlling the audio and video stored on videodisc, and computer assisted instructions. 6 types of technology. Along with the transportation means infrastructure for transportation has also evolved tremendously. The cycle keeps on going and we have seen today that a lot of innovative inventions are made by utilizing the knowledge of the past together with new ideas and knowledge. Technology of teaching deals with the instructional approaches which are designed in a systematic way and are applied in an extremely controlled environment. But there are several other instances where medical technology is assisting people outside the hospital or other clinical settings. Technology productivity tools comprise of computer software, hardware and other related components that help people to work more proficiently and productively. While implementing different technologies of teaching, the priority is not to use any machines and equipment, but they can be used where inevitable. Some nutritive assistive devices also come under medical technology such as tube feeding. STUDY. Technology Types: A Final Take. We use communication technology in our daily lives and even in our work area. So, if you start thinking, the list of tech gadgets you use daily just gets longer and longer. There are different types of medical technologies such as instruments to analyze diseases, gadgets for reducing pain, and instruments for treating and curing diseases. 6) Transportation. Assistive technology is the type of technology that focuses on designing and providing the services and devices to assist the people with any kind of disabilities. 20 Types Of Technology posted by John Spacey, March 06, 2017. Spell. Kidney dialysis machines are also part of medical technology. People can search and identify several different educational literatures on a specific topic with the help of ERIC system. Instructional approaches usually include well-described, goal-oriented objectives, specific instructional procedures based on the tasks, a good level of teacher role, excessive student involvement, and moderate use of reinforcement and last but not the least careful monitoring of the students’ performance. Another definition is, an application of scientific knowledge to commerce and industry. Technology is a scientific knowledge which is used in practical ways in industry. Write. There are other devices like cardiorespiratoiry monitors and pulse oximeters. Information technology is one of the most crucial types of technologies that offer an easy access to knowledge and resources on several different topics. The six conventional types of technology are the technology of teaching, instructional technology, assistive technology, medical technology, technology productivity tools, and information technology. Assistive technologies also contain some homemade or commercial devices like those of eyeglasses, alternative computer keyboards, adaptive switches, and communication aids. The Iron Age saw even more development and advancement where the manmade use harder metals instead of think copper or tin. Technology has always been around the humans, possibly since the Stone Age. PLAY. In this age, man made a progress by making stronger tools from metal such as a wheel was discovered in that age. The current perspective is a broad one in which six types of technology are recognized: the technology of teaching, instructional technology, assistive technology, medical technology, technology productivity tools, and information technology (Blackhurst & Edyburn, 2000). For many people, technology is the name of thing like computers, mobile phones, television, computer games, play stations, spaceships, advanced military equipments, digital video players and other related machines or items. Technology is a scientific knowledge which is used in practical ways in industry. The transport technology has evolved from horse-carts to cars, bikes, trains, trucks, buses, ship, airplanes, and rockets. The history entered the Bronze Age. Assistive technologies also provide some specialized instructional materials, services, and strategies which are used by the disable people for a number of reasons that is: to assist them in learning; to compete in the workplace; improve their independence; to make environment more accessible for them; and improve their quality of life. We can illustrate this point by taking an example of development of simple tools from wood and stone, similarly discovery of fire to produce heat and light were the first steps to pave the path of technology. As the time passed, the knowledge increased. Now, we have roads, rail tracks, … Many weapons were made along with other tools, improved transportation system, manufacturing which are the part of technological development of that age. Like any other type of technology, medical technology is also making some remarkable advancements and developments in various fields. The most apt example of information technology is that of the Internet and its World Wide Web component. There are so many medical devices which are proving helpful to several sick people in their homes and community centers. It was in Iron Age when man learned the art of smelting iron and separating it from the ore. The most important types of technology are: Communication technology It is one of the most common types of technology. Technology can be defined in number of different ways.

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