As a result of it average age of the teachers reduces by 3 yrs. A, B, C, D Went To A Hotel And Planned To Share The Bill Equally. A is always greater than D2. ft. per day, then approximately what time will be taken by the cow to graze the whole field ? 42.45 seconds4. Neither 1 nor 2. 45,000 and B joined after ward with 30,000. 1. If at present, the height of the tree is 540 cm, what was it when the tree was planted? (A) Dr. Zakir Hussain Three Science classes A, B and C take a Life Science test. What is the average cost of one bag of rice? Our environment ought to had been saved. (D) continue applying for teaching, 22. (B) Police Select the word which is OPPOSITE in the meaning of the given word "Commissioned", 74. Then you will Question 56: The cost of 16 packets of salt, each weighing 900 grams is Rs 28. (A) sense of responsibility (D) ask question, 31. So, here I am sharing top 100 aptitude questions and answers for those students who are finding important or top questions for the better preparation of the aptitude section. What percentage of houses do not have tube-light, bulb and fan? You Have 7p Coin. What is the other digit? Horse : Jockey : : Car : ? (C) The students can be trained for final examinations Question 61: Choose the pair of numbers which comes next 75 65 85 55 45 85 35. We provide you with handpicked material and question banks, time-proven exam strategies, exam analyses and simulated tests to give you a hands-on real-time test experience. 1. © 2019 Copyright Examsbook by Habilelabs Pvt.Ltd. Every student wants to get the latest and important questions which asked frequently in the competitive exams. (C) Suggestion for private tuition 250+ Aptitude Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: The citizens of planet nigiet are 8 fingered and have thus developed their decimal system in base 8. On one he gains 15% and on the other, he loses 15%. They Receive Identical Salaries Ans Also Write Code At The Same Rate.suppose 12 Such Programmers Take 12 Minutes To Write 12 Lines Of Code In Total. Please feel free to share your aptitude question answers and/or ideas in your comments. (B) Diligent Of Cats? The speed of the stream is? No green are white 4. (C) his/her good teaching What Is The Length Of The Train? Question 99: There is a certain relation between two given words on one side of : : and one word is given on another side of : : while another word is to be found from the given alternatives, having the same relation with this word as the given pair has. 28 min. 4/5 full tank= 12 miles.1 full tank= 12/(4/5).1/3 full tank= 12/(4/5)*(1/3)= 5 miles. so 11/264 = 1/t where t is the time taken. (B) Sympathy of teachers Also, you can ask anything at Question 78: A man can row upstream at 8 kmph and downstream at 13 kmph. now if x is 9 then y has 1 option (that is 0). 14000 mile. 25,000. They began to do the work together but A leaves after some days and then B completed the remaining work n 23 days. Question 30. (D) J. V. Neumann, 15. (A) is physically handicapped Prepare for your next job test or entrance examination by practicing our model entrance examination feature. (C) to take care of children 27 smaller cubes have no red paint on them. (A) The principal What will be the true time when the clock indicates 1 p.m. on the following day? & M.Ed. (D) Only girls are capable of leading for social change, 54. 76. There Are 3 Sections With 5 Questions Each. only those smaller cubes that do not touch the edges of the 4cm cube will have only one side painted, thus: - 54 smaller cubes have only one side painted, - 36 smaller cubes have two sides painted, - 8 smaller cubes have three sides painted. Question 76: Superheroes Liza and Tamar leave the same camp and run in opposite directions. C is always greater than D3. Question 7: A clock is set right at 8 a.m. Always more than its atomic number3. 3,20,000; Rs. The average age of 8 men is increased by 2 years when two of them whose age are 21 and 23 years replaced by two new men. Rs.58.504. (B) Supervised study in Library Question 68: Find the average of first 40 natural numbers. Then how many of cubes are painted at least 2 sides. Every government sectors keep Aptitude as their filtration procedure. Visakhapatnam. 1. (B) Financial provisions Question 3. In this particular page, you can all find Aptitude Questions and Answers for Freshers, […] Resume Sample for Cognizant(CTS) Company => Click Here, Cover Letter to apply job in Cognizant(CTS) Company => Click Here, Interview Dress Code for Cognizant(CTS) Company => Click Here, HR Interview Questions for Cognizant(CTS) Company => Click Here, Interview Preparation - Technology wise for Cognizant(CTS) Company => Click Here, How to apply for Cognizant(CTS) Company => Click Here. If the average of all the boys now in the class becomes 15 years, the age of the younger newcomer is: Q.16. Six identical balls are to be placed in these smaller squares such that each of the three rows gets at least one ball (one ball in one square only). A starts some business with Rs. We provide you with handpicked material and question banks, time-proven exam strategies, exam analyses and simulated tests to give you a hands-on real-time test experience. Question 10: A train which travels at a uniform speed due to some mechanical fault after traveling for an hour goes at 3/5th of the original speed and reaches the destination 2 hrs late.If the fault had occurred after traveling another 50 miles the train would have reached 40 min earlier. What is most important for a teacher? Q.6. 1.8 km/h4. Stackspray4. (A) ignore him Find the original number divided? 1. They look identical. How much capital was invested by B in the business? Alan finishes sixth.3. The quality of schools education is exclusively depending upon (B) Tuition Fee The contribution of taxpayers in Primary education is in the form of Given that there are 8 Prime Numbers under 20, and if the limit is only random numbers under 20 then there is a 40% chance of getting a prime number. The average age of 30 boys in a class is 15 years. A. Susheela was asked by me that why she was sad. 21 Mar, 2017. ok its good. 120 new students whose average age is 32 years joined the school. Question 31. 1. Q.4. MEASUREMENTED. Here is a collection of 100 aptitude test questions. 1. Question 46: The population of a town was 1,60,000 three years ago. You can only see the title page of your document4. (C) Paying money for individual tuition (D) their responding styles are different, 29. Question 88: One ship goes along the stream direction 28 km and in opposite direction 13 km in 5 hrs for each direction.What is the velocity of stream? 65 miles per hour 4. 1. Select the word which is OPPOSITE in the meaning of the given word "Acquit", 73. (B) The girls are lesser in number than boys 7/12 km/h3. How Many Of These Smaller Cubes Will Have Only One Side Of Their Sides Painted? How fast must the vehicle travel on the return trip if the round-trip travel time is to be 20 minutes? Question 42: Pipe A can fill in 20 minutes and Pipe B in 30 minutes and Pipe C can empty the same in 40 minutes. (D) Encouragement of the students, 47. Question 35: Sam and Maria have a conversation. What are avoidable questions in an Interview? What is the largest of these numbers? (D) to delink the degree with education, 32.

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